High Performance Thinking

Tobi Pearce Edition

Turning Your Business into a Lab

  • How can I think about and set up my business as a laboratory where I run experiments to learn what does and doesn't work? (Source)
  • What's the theory of my business? (Source)
    • What makes my business work?
    • What makes my business not work?
  • On running experiments:
    • "Everything is a risk. Doing something is a risk. Doing nothing is a risk. So why aren’t you doing something anyway?" (Source)
    • Am I only perceiving the risks, or am I also focusing on the opportunity? (Source)

Team Management

  • Am I setting proper expectations? What am I assuming people understand that they need more context on? (Source)
  • On communication:
    • Am I being clear about the definitions of the terms I'm using to make sure I'm on the same page with the people I'm talking with? (Source)


  • "Every single time you say yes to something, you are also saying no to another opportunity." (Source)
    • What are you saying no to by saying yes to this opportunity?
    • What are you saying yes to by saying yes to this opportunity?
      • Example: You say yes to a speaking gig. You just said yes to: 2 days of travel, 3-4 days of being out of the office, jet lag, not being able to schedule meetings during this time, etc.


  • Am I focused on today, or worried about tomorrow? (Source)
  • Am I working in the right direction? (Source)
  • For every incremental unit produced, what is the associated cost, return, and the relationship between the two? (Source)
    • Ex. Looking at CAC to LTV

Your Psychology

  • Am I failing or just still in the learning phase? (Source)
  • "Even when we lose control of everything around us, we still have control over our thoughts and actions." (Source)
    • What do I have control over in this situation?
    • What don't I have control over?
  • Am I demotivated or just afraid? How can I establish an attitude of enduring and using this fear FOR me? (Source)
  • How can I unlearn the desire for instant gratification? (Source)
  • What kind of discomfort am I willing to experience today in return for a lack of regret in the future? (Source)
  • Is the discomfort and emotional exhaustion I'm feeling actually a totally normal part of the growth process as a leader and entrepreneur? (Source)
  • Do I have problems or excuses? (Source)
  • Am I impressing myself? (Source)
  • On imposter syndrome (Source):
    • What do my emotions say and what does the data that surrounds this insecurity say?
  • What discomfort and fear can I lean into versus away from? (Source)
  • "To be a successful entrepreneur you must at all times be an infinite learner." (Source)
    • What would an infinite learner do? How would they approach this?

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