High Performance Thinking

Leila Hormozi Edition


  • If you don't have time to do it right...When will you have time to do it over? (Source)

How to plan your week (Source):

  • Did I do everything that needed to get done last week?
  • What do I need to start this week to ensure I'm on track for my goals?
  • How can I proritize my schedule to get those done?
  • What items should I move up once those priorities are done?

Growing Your Company

Getting clarity on potential problems (Source):

  • What's keeping you up at night? What's one thought you can't keep out of your head?

Make meetings hyper productive (Source):

  • Who needs to attend?
  • Do you need to be on the call?
  • How long does each person need to be there?
  • Who's responsible for the pre-work?
  • What's the desired outcome of the meeting?
  • What would I do if I wanted to break my biz? Then do the opposite. (Source)

The agenda for 1:1s (Source):

  • How is LIFE?
  • This week's focus/commitments?
  • Your recent wins?
  • Where are you stuck?
  • Where do you need support?

Identifying what to cut (Source):

  • What's our least profitable service?
  • What busy work is being done?"
  • What's not adding value to our customers?
  • What's a distraction from the core offer?
  • What departments/functions are no longer necessary?

Decision Making

  • Will my future self thank me for this? (Source)
    • How do I set my future self up for success? (Source)
  • Will this decision benefit you now and in 10 years? (Source)
  • How can I scale my business without working any harder? (Source)
  • Does this opportunity allow me to financially thrive? Or would I just be surviving? (Source)
  • Am I being emotional, or am I being logical? (Source)

Should I be an entrepreneur or employee? (Source)

  1. Do you seek direction or like creating your own path?
  2. Do you embrace or avoid risk?
  3. Do you like to specialize, or do you want to be a generalist?
  4. Do you prefer security or autonomy?

Not sure if you should pull the trigger on a decision? (Source):

Ask yourself these two questions. If the decision aligns with both, do it.

1. What's my mission?

2. What are my values?

6 questions to make high-quality decisions (Source):

  • If I made this decision every day for the rest of my life, how would my life look?
  • Am I rushing this decision?
  • Am I emotional right now?
  • Am I bored right now?
  • Am I anxious right now?
  • Am I trying to distract myself?

10 10 10 rule for critical decisions - spend 10 minutes on each of these three topics (Source):

  • How does this decision make you feel?
  • What will this decision cost vs. gain you in the next 12 months?
  • Does this decision align with your long-term vision?

Taking Risk

  • What risk am I not taking because I'm worried about what other people will think? (Source)
  • If I don't do this thing right now, what does my life look like in 5 years?" (Source)
    • If I don't like what that looks like, I do the thing despite the fear.
  • What story do I want to be able to tell? (Source)

Clarifying all risks and possibility/cost of being wrong (Source):

  • What's the upside?
  • What's the downside?
  • Can I live with the downside?


7 questions to hire the perfect candidate (Source):

  1. Why are you looking?
  2. Why us? What attracted you to our company? (Source)
  3. What are your weaknesses?
  4. What's your ideal job?
  5. Who are you? What do you enjoy doing in your free time? (Source)
  6. What hours do you want?
  7. How much $ do you need? What's your minimum required income? (Source)

Interview questions (Source):

  • How would you sum up your experience in 2-3 sentences?
  • What significant impact have you had in past jobs that'd appeal to future employers?
  • How can I exceed your expectations for this role? (Source)
  • What problems exist today that you want me to solve? (Source)
  • What are the top 3 things you'd like to see from me in the first 90 days? (Source)
  • Have they worked a similar job/role? Are they consistently job-hopping? Are there any obvious red flags? (Source)

Asking for raises (Source):

  • Is the company doing well financially? Are they profitable?

Hiring operators (Source):

  • Are they loyal (long term)?
  • Can they handle both processes AND leading their teams?
  • Are they coachable?

Team Management

Setting Expectations:

  • What are your core values that inform the rest of the expectations of my company? (Source)
  • Are we leading by values, or are we incorrectly leading by rules? (Source)
  • If I had this tough conversation, would I immediately feel relief? (Source)
  • Are they shining because they’re that good? Or because they dim the lights of everyone around them? (Source)
  • Where do you see opportunity? What would you change (Source)

Creating context for roles (Source):

  • What problems are they solving? And why are they there?

Asking managers for feedback (Source):

  • If you were the CEO of this company, what would you do?
  • What's something you're afraid to tell me?

Choosing who to work with:

  • Would the people in this org make me better, or worse in the long run? (Source)
  • Can I grow within this organization? (Source)
  • Do I agree with the values of this biz? Can I get behind the values of this biz? (Source)

Identifying the problem (Source):

  • Does my employee know what to do but choose not to do it? → mindset
  • Does my employee not know what to do but is willing to learn? → skillset
  • Does my employee not know what to do and isn't willing to learn? → skillset and mindset

Helping team members see new perspective (Source):

  • What thought do you have about this circumstance?
  • When you think that, how do you FEEL?
  • When you feel that way, how do you ACT?
  • When you act that way, what RESULTS do you get?
  • What result would you like?
  • What actions would lead to that result?
  • What feeling would lead you to take that action?
  • What do you have to think about yourself or the circumstance to feel that way?

Knowing when to fire someone (Source):

  • Are they not meeting performance standards?
  • Are they tearing down the team?
  • Do they not embody the company's values?
  • Do they ignore the standards we set?
  • Are they apathetic towards your customers, company, or anything else?
  • Do they start unnecessary drama?
  • Leila's recommendation for next steps

Making sure the team is on the right track (Source):

  • Are you proud to work with our team?
  • Do you think others should work with us?
  • Do our leaders keep everyone engaged and happy?
  • Do you understand the mission and values of our company?
  • Do you understand how your role contributes to the company vision?
  • Do you feel like you can grow here?
  • Do you feel you are paid fairly?
  • What is your favorite part about working with us?
  • What would you change if you were CEO?

Getting the team on the same page (Source):

  • Vision → Where are we going?
  • Values → How will we get there?
  • Yearly Goals → Where do we want to be in 1 yr?
  • Quarterly Goals → Where do we want to be NOW?

Manager feedback survey to send to your team (Source):

  • Is this manager effective at solving problems?
  • Does this manager take appropriate risks to grow the company
  • Do the actions of this manager inspire growth and development?
  • Is this manager able to resolve conflict appropriately?
  • Do you receive constructive feedback from this manager?
  • Is this manager available to provide help and feedback when you want it?
  • When making important decisions, does this manager consider the opinions of others?
  • Does this manager consistently reward employees for good performance or behavior?
  • Do you feel this manager sets a clear direction that aligns with the organization’s strategy?
  • Does this manager control their emotions and behavior, even when faced with high-conflict or stressful situations?

Dealing With Challenge

  • Is this a trash can fire, or living room fire? Will this burn the house down? Will it go out on its own? (Source)
  • How do I find joy in the discomfort? (Source)
  • Is this pain bringing you closer to the life you want or further away? (Source)
  • What can I learn from this that will allow me to help others? (Source)
  • Is it a ‘problem’ or an unavoidable fact of life? (Source)
  • Can I reclassify this hard challenge as a great opportunity? (Source)
  • Is the discomfort I'm feeling - and wanting to avoid - a price I need to pay for my dreams? (Source)

When something feels uncomfortable (Source):

  • What are you doing to perpetuate the problem?
  • What's causing you to continue this fear?
  • What beliefs do you have that continue to reinforce it?

When the market isn't ideal (Source):

  • How will I win despite others losing?

Identifying the real problem (Source):

  • What are the possible reasons I am noticing this symptom?
  • What isn’t happening that, if it did happen, would cause the perceived gap to either narrow or disappear?
  • What is happening that, if it stopped happening, would cause the perceived gap to narrow or disappear?

Your Psychology

  • Replace asking "What if..." with "Even if..." (Source)
  • What action is going to take me closer to the future I desire? (Source)
  • Did I take a step closer or further from the person I want to be? (Source)
  • What habits are you still doing that no longer grow your company? (Source)
  • What can I do today to make myself proud? (Source)
  • How can I set boundaries with my fears, anxieties, and urges? (Source)
  • What area if my life makes me the most uncomfortable? (Source)
  • Who’s permission are you waiting for to do what you truly want to do? (Source)
  • What inspiration am I seeking and how can I become it? (Source)
  • How can I be afraid and do it anyway? (Source)
    • What would somebody who doesn't have this fear do? (Source)

Questions to create enthusiasm (Source):

  • What can go right in this situation?
  • What can I have the opportunity to learn here?
  • How can I bring joy/kindness onto someone else with this?

How to overcome limiting beliefs (Source):

  1. Is there any hard evidence (not opinions) for this negative belief
  2. Is there any evidence to the contrary of this negative belief?
  3. Is there any evidence that I'm absolutely terrible at this thing?
  4. What bad things will happen if I keep this irrational belief?

Creating discipline (Source):

  • What's important to me?
  • What do I need to say yes to?
  • What do I need to say no to?
  • How can I increase my capacity to do work?
  • How can I provide myself w/ evidence it's worth it?

Questions for when you're feeling stressed (Source):

  • What unrealistic expectation am I trying to live up to?
  • Where am I judging myself harshly?
  • What actions am I taking to perpetuate the feeling?

Reflection Questions

  • Would *insert aspirational figure* tolerate this in their business? (Source)
  • Asking for feedback: What's one thing you're afraid to tell me because you're afraid it will hurt my feelings? (Source)

Clarity Break (Source):

  • Is the vision for the biz on track?
  • Am I focused on the most important things?
  • Do I have the Right People in the Right Seats to grow?
  • What's one “people move” that I must make this quarter?
  • How strong is my team right now?
  • If I lose a key player, do I have someone ready to fill the seat?
  • Are my processes working well?
  • What seems complicated that must be simplified?
  • Do I understand what my employees are great at and love doing?
  • Am I leveraging my team's strengths?
  • What can I delegate to use my time more effectively?
  • What can we do to be more proactive?
  • What can I do to improve communication?
  • What’s my top priority this week? This month?

Questions to reflect on how you're doing as CEO/Manager (Source):

  • Are you effective at solving problems? Why or why not?
  • Do you take appropriate risks to grow the company?
  • Do your actions inspire growth and development in others?
  • Are you able to resolve conflict appropriately?
  • Do you regularly deliver helpful feedback to your team?
  • Are you available to provide help and feedback to your team?
  • Do you include your team when making important decisions?
  • Do you consistently reward employees for good performance or behavior?
  • Do you set a clear direction that aligns with the organization’s strategy?
  • Do you control emotions and behavior, even when faced with high-conflict or stressful situations?

Reflecting on self-awareness (Source):

  • What unfair advantages do I have?
  • Where am I holding myself back?
  • What weaknesses am I ignoring?

5 questions to change your life (Source):

  • Are you on the clock, or on a mission?
  • Are you moving forward, or just biding time?
  • Are you acting in accordance with the values you aspire to?
  • Are you doing what you truly want to do or are you avoiding it out of fear?
  • Are you being the best version of you, or a watered down version of someone else?

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