Hey, I'm Eva 👋

I'm a freelance marketer with a focus on selling online products through content.

I work with digital brands to create high-quality content that drives brand awareness, nurtures the audience relationship, and increases customers.

Eva is an absolute star.

She’s a strategic marketer and also an exceptionally talented writer—a rare blend. We started working together in early 2022 when I hired her to help write the Why We Buy newsletter. Eva overdelivered. With her help, Why We Buy grew from 9000 readers to 56,000+ in just 18 months.

Today Why We Buy is recognized as one of the beloved marketing newsletters in the world and was named as a “must-read newsletter for marketers” by Forbes.

If you have the opportunity to work with Eva, take it. You can thank me later."

- Katelyn Bourgoin, Founder at Customer Camp

Eva stands out as an indispensable pillar within our leadership team.

With her profound background in copywriting and marketing, she infuses expertise into every project she undertakes.

What sets Eva apart is not just her vast knowledge, but her unwavering focus on achieving results.

Her natural curiosity doesn't just ask questions; it crafts solutions, leading to what can only be described as marketing magic.

Her contributions have been instrumental in our successes, and any team would be fortunate to have such a dedicated and innovative member."

- Founder and CEO, Luke Fontaine

“I’ve worked with Eva for several years on all types of writing, from long form content to short snippets, and she has always gone above and beyond.

Eva’s writing has a level of consistency and reliability that is hard to come by, and she is adept at creating well researched content for any topic and in any voice or tone necessary.

She is always a joy to work with, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-tier writer, editor, or strategist.

– Becky Zieber, former Content Marketing Manager at DigitalMarketer

"I needed a writer who could produce high quality work without needing to be chased or micromanaged.

Eva is an outstanding writer who goes above and beyond in providing supporting evidence and imagery while seamlessly adapting to style guides. She is a DREAM to work with - reliable, communicative, and never misses a deadline.

Basically, Eva far surpassed my expectations and ruined all other writers for me!"

Bethany Cowan, former Head of Content at Clarion Events

"Eva is not only a talented writer, but also a wonderful person to work with overall.

Though freelance, she’s a highly valued member of our content team. She not only wrote our blog posts but even helped us with creating the outlines and social media copy for them.

She's quick to implement feedback, collaborative, flexible, helpful, prompt, thorough - TINT content wouldn’t be what it is today without Eva!"

Olivia Lucero, former Content Marketing Manager at TINT

"I can confidently say that Eva is one of the most talented writers and marketers that I’ve had the privilege to work with.

For over three years, I’ve watched how she’s adapted to our changing business model and continued to evolve and grow with us as a company. She never fails to match our company voice perfectly and also offers new suggestions and recommendations for content based on her own research.

Eva is also a joy to work with, and I know my team can count on her when they need some extra help. We feel so lucky to have found her, and I know she’ll continue to be an integral part of the team for years to come.”

- Amanda Powell, former Director of Product at DigitalMarketer

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