Create steady and predictable income from freelance writing.

Find companies you’d be proud to work alongside, and turn opportunities into retainer contracts, without using freelancer websites, job boards, or waiting for clients to come to you.

What if...

You made $1,000+/week from freelance writing?

You only worked with clients you love on projects you genuinely enjoy?

You easily turned the faucet on when you needed more clients?

...without years of freelancing experience or a huge network of people helping you?

How Most Writers Get Clients 😞

They wait for companies or freelancer platforms to post about a writing job or send cold pitches to potential clients…

But, they rarely get responses.

Sometimes they’re able to land small, one-time projects that end in a few weeks…

But, then they’re back to being in sales mode and trying to figure out where their next paycheck is coming from.

These are the people who eventually give up and don’t become freelance writers.

I can’t blame them.

Living contract to contract and feeling like you’re not succeeding at writing sucks.

But here’s the thing—your writing career doesn’t have to be like this.

CAS is Sold Out ->

Hey, I'm Eva 👋

I created the Client Acquisition System for writers who want to turn the faucet on when they need more clients and off when their schedule is full.

I originally created the Client Acquisition System for myself, so I wouldn’t have to be in a feast or famine mindset in my writing business.

I was a great writer, but I quickly learned a hard lesson.

You can have all the knowledge and writing experience in the world but unless you know how to get clients, it’s not possible to make the impact or income you want.

I decided to sit in the driver's seat of my freelancing career and get the clients I wanted to work with.

No more low-paying Upwork jobs or one-time projects that kept me on the hunt for my next paycheck.

I cold pitched my dream clients and...

I landed both gigs.

Not only was I working with my dream clients, I also created $6,000 of recurring monthly revenue for myself thanks to the 3 month retainer contracts I asked for.

That’s when I realized I had created a way to get new writing clients and make predictable income as a freelance writer.

How the Client Acquisition System Works

The Client Acquisition System is an online course that teaches writers how to get clients through cold pitching (cold pitch template included).

Module 1: Mindset Coaching for Freelance Writers, 6-Month Goal Setting, How to Find Clients

Figure out your 6-month financial goals so you can reverse engineer how many clients you need to work with to hit that goal based on your package rates.

Then, you’ll learn how to find clients based on your personal preference around the companies you want to write for

Module 2: The Client Acquisition System Cold Pitch Template

Get the CAS Cold Pitch Template that’s helped writers land $1,250/article contracts with their first writing client ever, make their first six-figures, and reach their first $10,000/months.

You’ll also get the crucial follow-up templates that turn opportunities into clients.

Module 3: Conversations and Retainer Contracts

Learn what to expect from clients as they respond to your pitches.

Get actionable advice on how you can turn those conversations into retainer contracts that give you a steady and predictable freelance income.

Who is the Client Acquisition System for?

New content writers starting a freelancing side hustle before they fully commit and become a full-time freelancer

New content writers who need a steady income from freelancing since this is their only source of income

Experienced content writers who can’t quite figure out how to land clients whenever they need a new one

Does the Client Acquisition System Actually Work?

“It was the single best investment of my career so far. Working with her started everything.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help. I genuinely mean that.”

Freelance writer with 0 previous clients

Sooooo my client just re-signed for 6 months. $12.8k per month.

$77k!!! I'm on cloud 9.

I can't thank you enough, seriously.

– Experience freelance writer and content marketer

I was telling my partner how I liked the way you structured your program because it's not as overwhelming as other programs (which I've taken before).

I've taken other online programs before but this feels light and super attainable.

– Freelance writer that used CAS to land a $1,250/article contract for their first writing project...ever

Eva this is a 200 million dollar international company. I start writing, like yesterday. I'm 💩 myself. I threw this company in the mix just to DREAM BIG. Not at all expecting a response...

I mean they are huge!!

Whatever happens this has been the best week getting a response from 2 dream clients I never even expected to hear back from.

- Writer who wanted to have a freelance writing side hustle

What's Inside the Course?

The Client Acquisition System is for freelance content writers who want to work with clients they enjoy, have a steady and predictable income, and a proven strategy to get more clients as needed.

10 Trainings

Set your income goals, pitch clients using the CAS Cold Pitch Template, and ask for retainer contracts with step-by-step guidance.

Goal Setting Worksheet for Freelance Writers

Figure out exactly how much money you want to make and how many clients it'll take you to reach that goal.

The CAS Client Spreadsheet

Create a master list of clients you're dreaming of working with and start preparing to send your cold pitches.

The CAS Cold Pitch

This cold pitch template has made writers over $200,000 cumulatively and launched their writing careers.

The Client Acquisition System

Want to work with freelance writing clients you enjoy and create a steady and predictable income?

The Client Acquisition System


What's Included:

CAS Course + Updates

CAS Cold Pitch Template

CAS Follow Up Templates

Bonus Training: What Content Writers Need to Know About SEO

Bonus Training: What Content to Post to Get Clients as a Writer

Bonus Training: 60 Day Content Calendar

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