I Realized That I Can’t Clone Myself.

Everyday I get requests from aspiring writers and business owners who need to know how to write online content. Either they want to make a living as a writer, or they want me to write for their business.

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I love what I do which means, having to turn people away has started to feel like a burden. I know that anyone willing to learn can become an online writer OR become an expert at writing for their own business.

All they need is a guideline that will show them how to do it.

So, I’m building it.

I’m creating this guideline as the fastest and cheapest way to get into my head. Four years of writing experience, over 100 businesses, and over 250 hours of immersion in digital marketing has led me to be able to confidently hand you this guide and know that it’s your ticket to success.

Here’s what it’ll cover:

  1. How to do research on your customer so you know you're writing content they care about 📈

  2. How to create your brand voice for consistency and relationship building with your consumer 🤝

  3. Where to publish content (are blogs dead?) 👀

  4. What to promote in your content (low-tier or high-tier products?) 💸

  5. How to promote in your content (I refuse to let you be a salesman 🤢)

  6. How to structure long-form content so your audience doesn't equate your content to reading a textbook 😴

  7. Useful online tools to edit articles (Grammarly, HemingwayApp, etc.) 💻

If this guide is something that can improve your business or help you reach your dreams of becoming a writer, sign up below to get a link to purchase the day it comes out.

If there’s a topic that I’m not covering in the guideline, that you know you need more information on, send me an email at eva@eva-gutierrez.com and I’ll make sure to include it.


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