How do you become a great content creator?

How do you become a great content creator?


A year ago, while waitressing at a pub in Nashville, I read this article and one sentence in it stuck out to me so much that 365 days later I am still living by it.

“To accrue life experiences, you have to travel, network, be uncomfortable, learn and inform, be open, and fail.”


In the last six months I have sold everything I own and started to solo backpack the world. I spent my summer in Central America and backpacked my way through Europe before I came back to the USA for Christmas. By the end of February, I plan to head out on my next solo adventure.

In these past six months, my writing has gone up ten fold.

There are two reasons for this increase in my content skill.

Factor One: I started living. Really, truly living. In 2017, I experienced more than I had in the past three years of my life combined. My life was messy, chaotic, seemingly in shambles and extremely overwhelming. I grabbed virtual pen to paper and started to talk about it.
Factor Two: I started to write, a lot. I have written more articles and content between September-December of 2017 than I have cumulatively written in all of the years prior. Sitting down and honing in on my art form has created a drastic change in my ability to capture my audience's attention and to share valuable insight. 

Becoming a content creator is an intersection between experience and skill. You have to be able to tell your story, and the better the story the more valuable you are to an audience. You also have to be able to tell the story well. How do you learn how to do anything well?

You do it all the time because practice makes perfect.

On the road to becoming a content creator of your choosing (writer, Youtuber, photographer) it is your job to let things get messy and then to tell people about it. This is where are true value lies and essentially the legacy of our lives.

At the end of each day, sit down and write something, film the video, snap the picture. Anything that takes your life experiences from the day and brings them into a digital light.

Get down in the dirt of life and stop being afraid to get muddy. Pull yourself out and then tell people about your experience while you are still covered in filth.

This is where great creators are born.