This Will Make Your Content Stand Out Amongst The Crowd (And Get You More Followers)

What makes one piece of content stand out amongst others?

As content creators, it's our job to make our content stick out from the hoards of other articles, videos and pictures.

What is going to make your content stick out amongst others and increase engagement?

By showing your credibility.

I've found a trend in the feedback that I have received from recent Quora articles I've written.

When I show my credibility, people engage more.

I was asked, What is the hard truth if you are not successful after graduation?, and I answered by explaining the hard truth is that success takes time.

I also did something else. I integrated this sentence into the beginning of my article, "I had no idea that in time I would start to travel the world and become a professional writer."

This sentence validated to the reader that my opinion on the hard truth was worthy of reading. It gave me immediate credentials and motivated people to continue reading my answer.

This article is now at 7,900 views (and counting).

I've realized the importance of adding credibility to my profiles to motivate people to follow me and engage with my content. This is a lesson that has taken me over a year and a half of content creation to learn. Take it and run with it.

Upon realizing this content epiphany, I just rewrote my Instagram profile to show my credibility as a writer and as a digital nomad.

"I write, I travel and I follow my heart.
500,000+ views ✍🏼 
14 countries ✈️  
Heart says: Go to Bali 🐒
Countdown: 7 days 🗓"

With this profile, I've flexed my writing and travel stats and shown people that I know what I'm talking about.

Now, let's do the same for other types of content creators. Put these credentials on your social profiles, websites, anywhere that you are trying to get traction on your brand.

If you are a speaker:

Show your credibility by putting the number of times you've spoken and how many upcoming shows you have.

If you are an author:

Show your credibility by telling how many books you've sold, how many countries it has sold in and if you are an Amazon best seller.

If you are a photographer:

Show your credibility by writing the number of photos you've published, countries or states you've taken photos in and the camera you use.

If you are a traveler:

Show your credibility by putting the number of countries you have visited, your travel goal (place or number of countries) and next destination.

If you are another type of content creator, email me and we can have a brainstorm session on how to show your credibility,

People want to take advice from people who know what they are doing.

Show that you know what you are doing, and people will follow you and engage with your content.