Your Value Point Is The Key To Your Content's Success

What is the key to content success?

Finding your value.

As a content creator, you are asking people to be interested in you.

Why should they be interested in you?

Because you provide them with something.

Figuring out the value that your content has for each specific platform is crucial to growth.

Examples of people who have figured out their value points:

1.Gary Vee. Value Point: Inspirational, hard truths about success.
2. @LostLeBlanc. Value Point: High quality travel photos and videos.
3. @Idillionaire. Value Point: Inspirational words.

Find your value point and use it to sell your brand.

Stuck on what your value point is?

Don’t allow it to be an excuse to procrastinate. Start pushing out content with this value point in mind.

Value Point: A glimpse into how somebody else is living.

Case and Point: Erik Conover. Daily vlogger turned travel videographer. He started by documenting his daily life in NYC and later his passion for travel and experience making videos led him to his career.

Have you heard about net neutrality?

As an aspiring content creator who’s business will be based off of the internet, this is a change you want to understand.

Here is an entertaining video breaking down the consequences of ending net netruality.

One Last Note

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”