How To Get Published In Forbes

This isn't the first article that talks about getting your work featured in major publications.

But it's without question the most valuable one.

You all know by now that I'm a massive fan of Nicolas Cole. He's a writer and entrepreneur who's forward thinking and obligations to consistency have tripled his income in 2017 and landed him in the room with the Shark Tank tycoons.

He has been featured in Forbes, Time, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and has a daily paid column at

Who better to get advice about being published in major publications?

Highlights From The Article:

1.When big name publications republish something from Quora, they leave all of the links.

This means that if you plug your newsletter, social media handles, book, or website you just put that link in front of hundreds to potentially hundreds of thousands of people. On top of that, you just created a backlink from a reputable source (which Google LOVES).

2. Cole's approach to networking, "As Gary Vaynerchuck would say (or yell), “Jab, Jab, Jab, THEN Right Hook.”

Whenever I receive a message from a company or person, I can immediately tell what they are after. If somebody messages me about one of my articles with genuine feedback and a specific part of the article that resonated with them, immediately we have a connection (this has actually happened). That person just successfully networked with me. What do I do next? Follow them and keep up with what they are doing. When they message me on another social platform what do I do? Follow them and interact with their posts.

I have a specific follower in mind who if he ever reached out and said, "Hey, I just created this book and wanted to send you a copy." I would promote it across all of my social platforms, for free.

Just as Cole talks about, the power of networking comes from giving, giving, giving and then asking.

Here's the full article. 

How To Find Copyright Free Music For Videos

The music in my latest video was totally copyright free.

My favorite copyright free artists are:
(these links take you to their Soundcloud accounts where you can download their songs)

Joakim Karud
DJ Quads

Tips For Creating Popular Facebook Content

Tip #1: Post Tuesdays at 8AM

Logic: On Monday people are busy catching up on work, by Tuesday they're ready to start aimlessly scrolling.

Side note: Chris doesn't delve into 8AM of what time zone. Living in Canada, I think it's safe to assume that 8AM central time would be ideal.

Ever wonder how much money a blogger makes? Curious to see where that money comes from?

This guy just broke it down. 

I was really interested to see that he made the most money off of paid advertisements ($14,671). That was seven times the amount he made off of direct ads ($2,350) and $4,000 more than all of his affiliate accounts combined.

Articles like these leave me wondering what it would be like if more people were so open about the finances of their business.

In my opinion, talking openly about money is like sending the ladder back down to help those a step behind you. And in turn, somebody ahead of you can send the ladder down to you to help you level up.

The few times people open up to me about their income, savings, and investments I have learned ten fold about finance than I did in eight years of high school and college. You can only learn when knowledge is provided to you, so why have we grown up to think we should hold out?

One Last Note...

"It's not what you spend your time on, it's how you approach it."

-Nicolas Cole, The Next Year Now Podcast Episode 11