How To Make Professional Instagram Stories

I've been struggling with my Instagram stories lately.

Whenever I post a new Youtube video and want to promote it on my Instagram via story, I can never get the dimensions right. It always looks janky and unprofessional.

So I decided to do some research and I stumbled upon something great.

8 Apps To Enhance Your Instagram Stories

The two apps that I downloaded are:

Adobe Spark Post: This app lets you choose a photo and then create animated, super professional looking text. It's the first app on the list and the article provides detailed instructions on how to make an Instagram story friendly graphic.

InShot: I chose this app specifically for the pain point that I mentioned above. It takes my horizontal video, fits it to a 9x16 (Instagram story dimensions) and adds blur above and below. You can also add text and edit further with the normal Instagram story tools.

Using these apps I'm able to make my content look that much more professional which in turn will help my content and brand grow overall. 

Don't have the money for editing software?

iMovie comes installed on MacBooks.

I use it to edit my videos and find it can do a pretty good job for a free software.

Case and point.

This is what the top influencers, marketing thought leaders, and the industry insiders have to say about 2018 Influencer Marketing Trends

The quality and production value of integrated content will be enhanced in 2018.

What should you be doing to ensure content success in 2018?

1. Finding your value point
2. Posting consistently
3. Creating as high production photos and videos as you possibly can

One Last Note...

"The quality and production value of integrated content will be enhanced in 2018. Now that there are more and more mediums for content every day, our viewers are expecting a higher production value; some sort of juxtaposition of normal everyday or bedroom vlogs, mixed with Hollywood sets, where there is still room for a personal element in the content."

-Erika Costell