How To Content: Apps, Automation and Organization Tools

The content world is overwhelming.

You need a lot of relative, consistent content.

All the time.

Let's talk the five essential apps for content creators:

The Three Best Apps for Instagram Photos:

1. VSCO. 
C1 filter is my personal go to. H1 and H2 are also extremely Instagram-able.

2. Snapseed. Snapped offers extensive editing options. My personal favorite tool is "selective" that allows you to edit brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness for specific points in your photo.

Ex. Brightening the sky and increasing contrast gives it a blue hue. Increasing sharpness on your focal point makes it stand out more.

3. Facetune. Although Snapseed does a solid job with being able to focus sharpness, every now and then I'll use the "details" tool to specifically detail just one part of a focal point more than another. I also use the "whiten" tool to highlight jewelry, whiten clothes or shoes, etc. to make the picture have more contrast.

For my Instagram analytics, I use the provided Instagram insights in the Instagram app. For a starting account, they provide the analytics you need to tweak your content and grow your audience.

Automation App:

IFTTT is a power player for content creators. It has Applets that you can turn on to automate certain aspects of your content and your life in general (it's that good). I use it to take my Instagram pictures to Twitter. What the IFTTT Applet does is take my Instagram picture and make it into a picture on Twitter. If you just click the share to Twitter option when uploading from Instagram to Twitter you'll tweet your caption and a link-this is not user friendly. The Applet is called: Tweet Your Instagrams As Native Photos."

App for short videos:

GoPro has the Quik app that makes a short video for you with a theme of your choice. I started creating videos this way and received such a good response that I decided it was time to make longer videos on Youtube. Perfect for beginners interested in seeing their content in a new form (be prepared for serious inspo).

App for organization:

I open my Notes iPhone app about ten times a day. This morning it was the first thing that I did when I picked up my phone. Inside of my Notes app are organized notes for:

  • The Creator's Room
  • Upcoming Vlogs
  • Blog Ideas
  • Places People Have Told Me To Travel

A huge content lesson is to stop telling yourself, "That was a great idea! I'll definitely remember it later." and write it down immediately. Because of this I have lists of ideas for vlogs, this newsletter, blog ideas and more.

Here are ten more apps designed specifically for

productivity and content creation.

My biggest tip for newbie content creators:

Don't fear the abundance, embrace it.

Creating a lot of content is hard but you have to trust that it's going to become a habit. You'll hit a point where you are so used to creating content that when you stop, you don't know what to do with yourself.

And if this is the industry you are truly meant for, 

you'll pick up your phone, camera or computer and start making more.

One Last Note...

"People often think my decision to leave behind everything was risky. But they often neglect the biggest risk which is not reaching our full potential."

Christian LeBlanc