How To Get Your First Published Article

It is time to get your writing published.

Here's how you are going to do it:

  1. Find blogs that write about topics you want to write about
  2. Look through 5 of their recent posts to get an idea of their tone and formatting
  3. Write an article with a topic that you know this blog would be specifically interested in (Ex. If you are writing for a digital marketing blog, an article you know they would be interested in is The Top 5 Most Successful Digital Marketing Trends of 2017)
  4. Depending on the blog, send an email or create a contributor's account to pitch your article idea


"But how do I get paid?"

What you're doing by pitching articles to these blogs is:

1. Back linking to your website/online portfolio via your writer's profile on their website
2. Increasing your validity as a content writer
3. Networking

I'm starting to realize that the biggest power move you can make in this day of saturated content creators is to grow your network.

By giving first and asking later, you get your foot in the door with people who could pay you down the line.

If you write an article on The Top 5 Most Successful Digital Marketing Trends of 2017 and that article is the most viewed article on their website, guess who they are going to ask to write more articles?

This time around, you tell them that you'd be more than happy to create more content for them but you'll need to be paid.

This is a list of 58 websites in varying niches that accept guest blogs.

I know you need to make money to survive, so while pushing pitches you can look at these websites to try to get a return of investment on your time spent writing:

Here are 34 travel blogs that will pay you for your article.

Life lessons from Candice Pool

(Casey Neistat's wife)

"I just figure out."

Let's talk rates:

As a newbie writer with little to no experience, pitch yourself at $15-20/800 words.

One Last Note...

"The reason why I have succeeded as a writer is because I give you all of me.

I tell you that I was a huge nerd in high school and spent all of my time playing World of Warcraft.

I tell you the hard lessons I’ve learned along the way—and I don’t just say, “You should do this,” but I tell you, personally, how I learned them too.

And I do this day, after day, after day.

You don’t stand out online by saying the same things as everyone else.

You stand out by saying, “This is who I am. Here’s what I think, FEEL, and believe.”

-Nicolas Cole

22.1+ MM viewed writer
Columnist at Inc. Magazine
Featured in Forbes, Time, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Fortune and more