The Adobe Creative Residency Program

I stumbled upon something special the other day.

It's called "The Adobe Creative Residency Program"

They pay you a full year's salary (with health benefits) and all you have to do is create.

Sounds insane right?

Despite starting with a small audience and the C+ of equipment and editing programs, there are ways to do ridiculously awesome things like get paid to act on your creative ideas.

This residency is creative gold.

Forget not having to worry about making money while you side hustle your days away, the networking potential is what I'm most interested by.

Applications start in January 2018 and the program runs May-April.

I'll see you at virtual application door.


You know this feeling.

My favorite resident so far.

Let me introduce you to: Sara Dietcshy.

What is even cooler than getting paid to create?

The program flys you out to Adobe events and pretty much provides you with your own mentor. From an outside perspective they seem extraordinarily open to working with each creator on an individual basis to make sure that each person is getting the most out of the program.

The best way to increase your chances of getting into the program?

Study those who have done it before you.

Here are the residents of 2017 (6 in total):

One Last Note...

“Take a minute and imagine all of those side projects you've been writing down and dreaming about. You know, those ideas you can't stop thinking about. With the Creative Residency Program, you can turn these endeavors into a reality with a year's worth of focus, incredibly supported by Adobe.”

-Nic Annette Miller, 2015 Creative Resident mentor

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