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Okay, now let's talk content!

Did you know that you don't need a massive Instagram following to make a livable income?

This chick makes up to $2,300 a month with a mere 25,000 followers.

Here is her break down of exactly how much she charges for posts and consultations and how she gets paid to travel by working with tourism boards.

Make that money, hunnies.

I've been there.

Creating content for the world to see is scary.

That's why you need the Yes Theory in your life.

Stop overthinking. 

Start saying yes to the voice in your head telling you to go for it.

Here's proof that saying yes to that voice willl do your life wonders.

My Instagram Advice To You:

Stop thinking that big numbers mean big money.

I want you to look at these statistics:

A similar travel blogger to me has 11,400 Instagram followers. That's 6,457 more followers than me.

Their engagement rate (likes + comments/number of followers) is 0.64% for a post from five ago.

My engagement rate is 5.17% for my post from five days ago.

According to Scrunch's engagement rate calculations, that while I have a high engagement rate my peer has a low rate.

What does this mean?

Yes, they are able to stand behind a much larger number than I am but what happens when they decide to promote a product, sell their book or try to get a return of interest on a post?

There will be a struggle. Maybe one person will buy what they are selling. 

I repeat, big following does not mean big money.

As a growing Instagram account, it is important to realize that numbers do matter but engagement is going to be the real tell all of how your brand is resonating with your audience.

Grow your numbers but focus on your brand.

One Last Note.

"Just always remember that your customers, especially if local, are a community of people. Treat them like you're a new neighbor and not a traveling salesman."

-Sophia Ellis

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