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Why are industry leaders blogging?

82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI from their inbound marketing (Hubspot).

Validate your products and services by showing your customers your industry expertise on a weekly basis.

Here’s what your blog articles must include:

  1. An answer to a question your customer has. For example, if your customers are asking “How Do I Optimize Facebook Ads in 2019?”, then you’ll want to write an article titled, “10 Ways To Optimize Facebook Ads in 2019 (How To Increase Ad Conversions)”.

  2. Actionable advice to walk away with. In the example above, actionable advice will be in the list of ten methods to make Facebook ads work with direct examples and a walk through of how to implement each method.

  3. A call to action to your product, service, email list, etc. What action do you want readers to take after reading your article? On top of plugging your product, service, or email list you can also use blog articles to retarget website viewers on Facebook and other websites.

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