Wondering how i created the life of my dreams?

Here are the three most influential books that I have read to date.

One must always be careful of books and what’s inside them for words have the power to change us.
— Cassandra Clare

Step 1: You have to get your mindset right. You must put your brain on a diet. Feed it what it needs. Here is what it needs:

The book that started it all. I read The Inside Out Revolution all the way through for the first time, put it down and said "Huh?" It was kind of like my mind knew that I NEEDED to get this concept down but my brain was having trouble making everything click. So, I did what anyone would do. I read it 7 more times. I read it every single day for about a week straight before everything fully clicked and I started to implement these ideas into my life. Let me tell you, it's been one hell of a journey. 

Let's just call this book Michael Neill's geniusness (new word) take 2. I don't actually think that a single person should go through life without reading this. This book talks about how our innate mind is just a blank slate, but as we get older and have experiences it starts to fill up with doubts, fears and judgements.What's the cool part of this? That once you REALIZE that you weren't BORN with any of that, you LEARNED it you can tell yourself a new story. A story of love, purpose, confidence, capabilities, and happiness. The Space Within-AKA, pieces of paper with game changing knowledge on them.

This is where I became awe struck by the idea of really following my dreams and having a career that was intrinsically a part of me. You know those pictures you see on the news on location after something terrible has happened? Where people are running and there's debris and blood everywhere? Lynsey is that crazy ballsy photographer. Her passion for her work (a passion that has gotten her kidnapped TWICE) shined a light on to my life and pointed me straight in the direction of pursuing finding my passion and purpose. This book made me realize that if she could be out there finding work and making her dreams reality than I could be too. I'd love to meet Lynsey one day and personally thank her for one of the most inspirational stories of my life.

Step 2: Figure out your passions, your purpose, and how you're going to make them tangible in your life. Let's call this study mode where you learn the ins and outs of business and other people's stories that will accelerate you faster (and with less mistakes) to your end goal. 

The $100 Start Up taught me how to stop feeling sorry for myself. It taught me that people were making money off of businesses that had started from nothing. People who were willing to bet on themselves and then were able to make VERY smart decisions as to make passive income for themselves. I can't imagine the though of passive income not appealing to somebody, especially if you're to consider having it as your "side hustle" and your less passive income as your main work. This book is a huge wake up call to anyone who thinks that it can't be done and an even better blueprint for how to create a business and sell a product.

Have you ever wondered how a billionaire came to be...a billionaire? Fret no more because it's quite literally all written down right here. This book is pretty badass and here's why: it explains the story of Michael Singer-a dude who SURRENDERED his way into the billionaire life and a happy life at that. This guy decided that he was just going to say yes to whatever life was asking of him. He stopped huffing and complaining when things didn't go as he expected or desired and instead embraced it. Like I said, he's a billionaire now and I'd imagine we all have something to learn from this idea of just going with the flow and putting an end to worrying about things that we can't control. Ahh, what a blissful idea.

Outlier's is a second step book. Once you feel particularly driven to do a certain type of work, then I want you to pick this book up. Gladwell talks about geniuses and how the majority of the time the people who are declared geniuses MUST be placed in the right circumstances (with parents that have time/funds/abilities) in order to become successful. This is all research based. He even talks about Bill Gates and how chances are that his tremendous success is very closely tied to his free access to some of the first computers. This is where you'll find the 10,000 hour rule-a rule that states that after 10,000 hours of doing something you reach Expert Level. All I have to say is, I could not agree more.

Step 3: The external. Time to do some self reflecting and think about who you are as person, what your values are, and how best to understand yourself. 

You want this book in your life. Mimi Ikonn is a self made billionaire that lives a beautiful life in London with her husband and business partner. I believe SO STRONGLY in the power of self reflection and the ability it has to break down the walls we have against ourselves. I'm also a massive fan of science and whenever you can back something up scientifically and then tell me that's why my brain is working in a certain way-you have my full attention. By learning who you are, what makes you thrive, what makes you crumble, what you need to be satisfied in a relationship you become the best version of yourself. You can either choose to continue being a bull in a china shop or get a grasp on who you are on a cellular level and how you can use that to your advantage both in business and personal relationships. The Bingo Theory is a book I'll read over and over as people come into my life.

Broken down into short stories with tremendous lessons this is one of those books that makes you go, "Wait, I get it now." The best part is that it can make you have a brand new life revelation in about 1.5 minutes. It's short, sweet and to the point. Who Ate My Grapes is my constant reminder of how to stay on top of my game by making sure that I'm always viewing my life through the right lens. Another book that is great to read as life continues on.