Understanding the 5 love languages (in 5 minutes or less)

Imagine you are holding a glass cup full to the brim with water.

Now imagine a significant other, friend or family member takes the cup from your hand and drinks the entire thing. Once their thirst is quenched they go to the sink to presumably refill your glass of water and give it back to you with the same amount of water in it as there was when they originally took it from you.

Instead, something weird happens.

They turn the water on and hold your glass about an inch away from the faucet. Water keeps coming but absolutely none of it is going into your glass.

All they need to do is move the glass an inch and your glass will be full to the brim again. Water keeps pouring out of the faucet and you’re left wondering why in the world they don’t just move the glass an inch and fill your cup right back up?