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3 Instagram Accounts That Make Me Excited To Follow My Dreams

A few months ago I decided that if I was going to be spending so much time on social media all the time (I don’t even think I can call it a guilty pleasure anymore-I’m thinking hobby works best) that I may as well make it worth my time.

I filled my feed to the brim with positive accounts that inspired me to find my passion, follow my goals, and truly live a beautiful life.

What I found was three genuine accounts that in different ways inspire me daily to stay true to myself, to take action on things that I’m passionate about, and to be a badass along the way.

Here’s the scoop:

How Years Of Feeling Lost Brought Me Inner Peace

I was there.

I would read about this thing called “inner peace” everywhere and would think about how great it would be to be able to relate to that.

Inner me was far from peaceful.

I was 23 years old and feeling completely lost.

Yes I had been raised in a great family and yes I had supportive friends and yes I was living quite a good life in comparison to the hands that others had been dealt. I knew all of this and somehow it made me angrier.

It made me mad at myself for not being grateful for all of the great things that had been placed so perfectly in my life.

It made me feel as if I was dramatic in saying that I was completely and totally lost and felt like I had no direction.


It made me who I am today.

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated

I walked across that stage and I felt a newfound freedom.

I felt like the world was my oyster. I was done spending days studying for exams, I was done with homework assignments and my time was mine.

Yet, that was exactly the problem.

I had been so used to always being told what my time would be spent on (class, homework, exams, projects) that I didn’t know what it was like to be free to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

All of that time started adding up and suddenly I realized that I was constantly thinking about my future because I had all the time in the world to do so.

I would think about what my next step was while I was at my waitressing job. I would think about where I should apply for jobs while I laid in bed at night. I would think about how far away I was from accomplishing anything that I wanted to as soon as I woke up in the morning.

When I look back to those awkward months following my graduation from college, I think of all the things that I wish I had known that could have put me at ease.

Why You Need To Master Yourself Before You Try To Master Anything Else

We all want to be good at something. There’s a hell of a lot of somethings that people can be good at but it’s not always easy to find your something.

This past year has taught me a lot about becoming a writer, an influencer, a friend, and a family member but there’s an even bigger lesson that has resonated with me for months after I opened my eyes to it.

This year I learned how to master myself.

I learned that life wasn’t only happening to me. My life wasn’t this huge compilation of events that happened to me as much as my life was the accumulation of my reactions to those events. 

When I thought I didn’t have money, I had no money. When I switched the gears and decided I was only going to think in the mindset that I did have money, I started to have money.

When I didn’t do anything I liked and only worked at a job that didn’t make me happy, I was unhappy and felt completely lost. When I started doing things that I liked every single day (some big and some tiny) and quit the job that was making me unhappy and gave it a shot at a new job, I was happy and felt like I was fulfilling my purpose.

The Five Love Languages That Can Save Your Relationship

You’re probably thinking, how can love have a language? 

Yes-love is a universal language and there are a multitude of ways to show someone you love them but that’s exactly where most of us fail.

Pretend you’re holding an old bucket full of flower petals. The petals are pink, red and white and you love how they make you feel when you look at their simple beauty.

Now pretend your significant other (or friend or family member) walks up to your bucket and starts taking handfuls of those flower petals and putting them in their own bucket. At first you don’t mind because you love them and you don’t mind sacrificing something that makes you feel good so that they too can feel good. 

Suddenly you notice that your bucket only has a handful of flower petals left in it. The rust on the bottom of the bucket is starting to show and you realize that this bucket isn’t much without the beauty of all of the petals. To your dismay-your significant other takes every single last flower petal and leaves you standing there holding on to a dirty old bucket. 

When you ask your partner to give some of your petals back so that you BOTH can enjoy their beauty, instead of handing you the petals that they originally took from you they hand you back a different kind. These petals aren’t nearly as beautiful as the ones you had and it immediately makes you feel like your partner is just taking from you and not appreciating what you are giving. 

This is where the five love languages can save your relationship with a significant other, family member, or friend.

4 Daily Power Moves To Make Your Goals Reality

We all have them. We all want them to come true.

They keep us up at night. They’re like a nagging little sister that won’t stop until you pay attention to her.

It’s the feeling that you want to chase. The feeling of fulfillment, purpose, and passion.

For me, this feeling is that of helping others to connect to their passions and to show them tangible steps they can take to get themselves there.

Through a serious series of trail and error I’ve found the top four daily power moves that have helped me to accelerate my growth, both personally and career wise.

I’ve tried the whole making your bed everyday thing, I’ve tried eating a healthy breakfast every morning, and I’ve tried getting 8 hours of sleep a night.

The reality is that all of these things really help but they won’t accelerate you much farther than you can throw a football (if you’re me that’s about three feet in front of you).

Here’s where the magic really happens:

3 Simple Ways To Make Your Life A Masterpiece

I’m starting to learn that conscious living is in art and with that comes this realization that I’m the artist.

Everyday it’s up to me and only me (not my parents, spouse, friends, coworkers, or even strangers) to pick up that paint brush and create a masterpiece of a day.

If I consciously choose to have a negative day by getting mad at the car in front of me, picking a fight with a significant other for no reason, or being rude to a stranger then I’m subconsciously creating a life where cars are always cutting me off, my significant other doesn’t care enough about me, and a world where there are no good people left.

Painters don’t put black paint on their brush and expect to paint a rainbow. It’s just not possible.

The same goes for our lives.

Too many times we are the reason for our own bad days and we don’t even know.

3 Simple Ways To Refill Your Happiness Cup Every Day

I haven’t always been naturally happy. A few months ago I was writing in my journal and the first words that came out were “I feel lost.” I couldn’t figure out what else to write and for some reason I started to flip through the pages into past things that I had written. I flipped back to the first entry that I had written, about 6 months prior and I almost burst out into tears when I read the first sentence.

I feel lost.

This made me devastated. My initial thought was “Wtf! How long am I going to feel lost for? How much longer of this do I have?”

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a conscious decision to make myself happier. I wish I could say that I was some kind of genius that walked away from that decision happy as a clam but it took another 2 months before I could genuinely say “I am happy.”

What changed from me feeling lost to me being happy ninety nine percent of the time?

Understanding the 5 love languages (in 5 minutes or less)

Imagine you are holding a glass cup full to the brim with water.

Now imagine a significant other, friend or family member takes the cup from your hand and drinks the entire thing. Once their thirst is quenched they go to the sink to presumably refill your glass of water and give it back to you with the same amount of water in it as there was when they originally took it from you.

Instead, something weird happens.

They turn the water on and hold your glass about an inch away from the faucet. Water keeps coming but absolutely none of it is going into your glass.

All they need to do is move the glass an inch and your glass will be full to the brim again. Water keeps pouring out of the faucet and you’re left wondering why in the world they don’t just move the glass an inch and fill your cup right back up?

How to start (and keep) your daily gratitude journal

There’s only one way to start this and that’s with the truth.

I originally had doubts about gratitude journals.

I doubted that they could actually affect my life and my thoughts and I also doubted that I had the time for daily journaling.

Let me tell you that I’m currently LAUGHING at those doubts because I have officially been converted to the gratitude journal lifestyle.

It turns out that yes, it does affect your life and your thoughts and that also yes, I have plenty of time to do it.

It took me one day of doing a gratitude journal to convert me. ONE DAY.


Featured Article: The Real Benefit Of Traveling-It’s Not The Adventure Or The Sights

I’ve always known I’ve wanted to travel but I never knew why.

I didn’t know if it was the whole adventure of it-the airports, planes, taxis, and hotels. Part of me thought it was all about seeing the landmarks and novelties special to each place. Surprisingly, I have found that neither of these are the reason why I so desire to travel around the world.

To me, traveling is the epitome of becoming humble. To watch people pass you on the street and realize that they too have families, jobs, childhoods, and friends is honestly pretty wild.

It makes you open your eyes and say, “Damn. In the grand scheme of everything I am such a small moving part and yet I know that I am of utter importance.”

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Featured Article: How To Change Your Life In 2017 (4 Ways To Make It Last)

Every year I would do the same thing.

I would say to myself “this year is going to be different! Here’s a blank slate and I’m going to do everything right, work my absolute hardest to reach my goals and stick to my resolutions.

And then February would come and I’d be right back at point A, with the same habits that I had the year before and the same problems that I thought would disappear when the clock struck 12 AM.

This year was different though and showed me that you can dramatically change your life.

I broke my pattern of giving up my resolutions and sinking back into my old habits. I made 2016 my year. I worked hard. I followed my dreams. I didn’t give up. I failed and tried again, then failed and tried again, then failed and tried again. I embraced who I was and I fell in love with myself and my life.

My life has become a magical world of opportunity, positive insights, and tremendous change. Everything I need – career, money, or relationships – is presented at my door step wrapped with a huge red bow and I couldn’t be happier.

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Featured Article: How I Improved Productivity And had My Most Successful Year

We’re all thinking it. Where did the time go? How is it nearly 2017 already and also – where are the flying cars?

Just like every year before this one, it comes and goes in the blink of an eye. If we aren’t careful we’ll get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and we won’t have accomplished any of the goals that we had set out for a year ago.

For me, that’s just not okay. I’ve spent far too many years procrastinating my goals and actively (without realizing it) putting them farther away from me with self doubt and honestly a lot of laziness.

There was something at the beginning of 2016 that changed for me though. I became fed up with myself and it was one of the most empowering feelings of my life.

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Featured Article: 3 Things To Be Grateful For During The Holidays

For some odd reason our gratitude seems to get thrown out the window much faster than our grudges or complaints.

We seem to hold on to the things that are making our lives harder and focus little to no energy on the things that are making our lives sparkle.

I know I do it and for some reason around the holidays I feel like I do it more often.

Being around family can be awesome and exhausting and I feel like too easily we let the complaints seep in when really we should be looking at all of the positives.

So what can you do this holiday season to keep your spirits high and to see the light in all of the chaos of the holidays?

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Featured Article: Getting Through Tough Days-We All Have Them

Have you ever had a day that just kicked your ass? That halfway through you look at the clock and think…how is it not over yet?

I’m really lucky. These days come few and far between and a lot of that has to do with my mindset and my intentional choice to choose positivity over any other emotion. So when days like this do end up happening I have to ask myself:

What’s really going on here?

On tough days it’s up to us to step back and say okay, what’s really making me anxious and stressed right now?

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Featured Article: 4 Reasons To Channel Your Inner Rachel Green

We all know her. We all love her…and we all semi hate her because she’s just so damn hot.

This chick had it going on and now that I’m about the same age that she was portrayed to be in the show I’m starting to wonder where MY epic girl to woman transformation is.

I mean seriously-she was killing it but NOT just because she wore cute outfits and had good hair. There’s a lot we can learn from Rachel Green that we can bring into our lives to positively impact them. Yup, a 90’s comedy show can lead you towards being a strong and independent woman.

Let me show you.

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Featured Article: How Understanding Your Brain Will Change How You Do Everything

Most of us have no idea.

We have no clue that our brain is made up of two hemispheres that coincide together to create…well, us.

The two hemispheres can be considered the left side of our brain and the right side and while they both work tremendously together they are also quite different from each other.

The most interesting part? We all have a dominant hemisphere that affects how we process information and do everything.

You might wonder why it matters if your dominant in the left or right side of the brain because isn’t a brain just a brain?

Well, it turns out that the simple answer to that question is a strong and resounding no.

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Featured Article: Why You Have To Do At Least One Outrageous Thing In Your Twenties

I’m not being dramatic when I say outrageous. I really mean it. I’m talking totally out there, life changing, soul expanding, heart bursting outrageous.


Something that you look back on and say holy sh*t, not only did I do that but it changed the entire course of my life and brought me to this totally unpredictable place that I am now.


You can feel it within yourself when it’s time for a change, when life is getting too platonic and you need some extra sparkle. It starts to run you down and makes you irritated and unhappy with your current situation.


That’s when you need to pull your parachute and float yourself to somewhere different, either mentally, physically, or even better both.


My outrageous thing was moving half way across the country. I went from the east coast to Nashville, Tennessee and it was the best decision I ever made.

Featured Article: Discover the Simple 5 Minute List for a More Mindful and Balanced Life

The topic of balance is extremely underrated and honestly something I believe strongly should be taught to everyone. Why? Because finding balance is hard.

Without any guidance or advice it becomes so easy for us to fall into the trap of imbalance and spend way too much of our lives, unhappy and unhealthy. Take this as lesson 101 in your journey to finding and keeping the balance of your life, a journey that will bring you innumerable amounts of happiness, abundance, and health.

I think the easiest way to find your balance in life is to look at the big picture of your life as a makeup of your relationships, health, and career.

Featured Article: 3 Books To Read In Your Twenties

Let’s be serious, I’m not asking for a lot here.

I know for a damn fact that you all have time to read these three books within the decade of your twenties, and I also happen to to know that you’ll be thanking me later for the advice.

I look at my twenties as the foundation of my life. It is where I start to build up, creating the walls and windows, the roof and all the intricate details that will essentially make up my entire life.

It’s in my twenties that I’m going to start being the confident boss woman that I will be in my thirties, fourties, and so on. It’s in my twenties that I’ll learn what opportunities I’m willing to say yes and no to. Most importantly, it’s in my twenties that I’m going to find myself.