3 Simple Ways To Make Your Life A Masterpiece

I’m starting to learn that conscious living is in art and with that comes this realization that I’m the artist.

Everyday it’s up to me and only me (not my parents, spouse, friends, coworkers, or even strangers) to pick up that paint brush and create a masterpiece of a day.

If I consciously choose to have a negative day by getting mad at the car in front of me, picking a fight with a significant other for no reason, or being rude to a stranger then I’m subconsciously creating a life where cars are always cutting me off, my significant other doesn’t care enough about me, and a world where there are no good people left.

Painters don’t put black paint on their brush and expect to paint a rainbow. It’s just not possible.

The same goes for our lives.

Too many times we are the reason for our own bad days and we don’t even know.