Here’s How To Start A Work Out Routine From Scratch

I am big on doing things that make your heart happy. I am also big on doing things that make your heart healthy.

If there is anything I am realizing from watching my friends hit their late 20’s and my parents hit their fifties it is that working out isn’t an option.

Forget the physical aspect of things (even though it is an incredible bonus)-working out will reap you the best benefits internally.

Yes your skin will look great, your abs will start to peak through and you will feel confident in your little black dress but there is so many more benefits.

Want to look younger longer? Work out.

Want to be one of those ninety year old people that can keep up with their grandkids? Work out.

Want to avoid having health issues that hold you back from living life to the fullest? Work out.

It is obvious that working out is a habit so in order to make it a part of your life you need to discover the secret to creating a healthy habit.

Here’s what I’ve learned: