How Do I Figure Out What I Want To Do With My Life? Let’s Talk About Snowmen

You hit rock bottom.

Or at least it might feel like it.

For me, I was damn certain that I had hit the bottom and hard. I had metaphorical bruises all over my body and I was down for the count.

It felt like the cards that had been dealt to me were a sh*t hand, the kind that you fold as soon as you look at them.

I am now realizing how common this. 

Talking to my friends and coworkers shows me on a daily basis that as a generation we are struggling to figure it out. 

What do I mean by it?

I mean life. I’m talking about how do we figure out how to make ourselves happy? How do we find out what we want to do with our lives? What legacy do we want to leave behind?

Through a hell of a lot of trial and error, I have figured this out for myself.

One year ago today I was a full time waitress at a biker dive bar. The kind of bar that you walk into and walk out of. The place was always fishbowl-ed with cigarette smoke, there were mice in the kitchen, and I had to mop the floors and clean the bathrooms after my shift ended at 3 AM.

Today I am a social media manager, avid blogger and about to interview The Chainsmoker’s drummer (Tony Ann) for my podcast The Passion Series Podcast. I wake up whenever I want and I work from wherever I choose. I am also about to start backpacking the globe with my first stop being Costa Rica (Pura Vida Baby!). 

Big difference right?

Do you want to know what I did to create this massive change in my lifestyle?