How To Find Balance – Creating The Balance You Need

“Some nights you drink tea, some nights you drink whiskey.” – Atticus

For some odd reason we think that balance finds us. That if we work hard enough and fast enough that the balance between all of our priorities will work their own way out.

For me this was the quickest way to failure.

Through trial and tribulation I have discovered that in fact, I was the one that had to purposefully SEEK the balance. When I thought that the balance would find me, that it would naturally sort it’s way out I fell into a mess of emotions and feelings of being overwhelmed.

In a nutshell, I travel at least once a month, curate and manage social media for my employer’s brand, am a freelancer writer, a blogger, and am building an online audience. On top of this I have to keep up with friends, family, my health, and my own hobbies.

Just typing that reminds me of the days where I couldn’t handle it all (though I can honestly say that those days still happen) I’ve now realized how to make them few and far between.

What I’ve found is that work is hard, staying in touch with friends and family can be hard, creating personal time for yourself is hard, and maintaining a social life is hard. Yet as you take on more responsibility and become a master of each craft individually something happens.

You fail.