I had an epiphany yesterday.

I’ve recently gone off on my own, quitting my day job and going for my dream job. When I look back on it it feels like it happened so quickly and yet so slowly.

I had been working up to quitting my day job by picking up freelance writing jobs, learning my craft, and growing my skill sets but I ran into a rut when I realized that in order to really go for my dream job of curating content for great brands, writing, and blogging I would need to have more time.

Yet, I couldn’t get more time if I was putting in 30 hours a week at my current job. The trick was that it meant that I was going to be taking a serious pay cut while I drifted in limbo from one job to the next. 

By serious pay cut I mean that I knew I had $25 coming to me that week and the next if I didn’t land myself another job soon. That was it.

Now that a few weeks have passed I’ve been able to hustle my way into two new jobs but I’ll still need to pick up a few more projects if I want to be able to have room for paying my bills and being able to play.

This has led me to feeling like I’m treading water.