Featured Article: How To Change Your Life In 2017 (4 Ways To Make It Last)

Every year I would do the same thing.

I would say to myself “this year is going to be different! Here’s a blank slate and I’m going to do everything right, work my absolute hardest to reach my goals and stick to my resolutions.

And then February would come and I’d be right back at point A, with the same habits that I had the year before and the same problems that I thought would disappear when the clock struck 12 AM.

This year was different though and showed me that you can dramatically change your life.

I broke my pattern of giving up my resolutions and sinking back into my old habits. I made 2016 my year. I worked hard. I followed my dreams. I didn’t give up. I failed and tried again, then failed and tried again, then failed and tried again. I embraced who I was and I fell in love with myself and my life.

My life has become a magical world of opportunity, positive insights, and tremendous change. Everything I need – career, money, or relationships – is presented at my door step wrapped with a huge red bow and I couldn’t be happier.

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