Featured Article: 3 Ways To Make Magic Happen In Your Life

Yes, magic. Magic that will make you question if you are dreaming or if you really just pulled that off.

It’s the type of magic that makes you want to come back for more, every single day. The type of magic that makes you smile from ear to ear. The type of magic that makes you incomparably happy.

For me this magic involves a lot of career oriented things. I want to make good money while I write and travel the world. A year ago this could not have seemed farther away. I legitimately thought that there was a sick joke being played on me where I would have this epic dream that would never come true because-let’s be serious-how the hell was I going to pull it off?

Well, let’s just say that life has become a thing of pure magic for me and I’m here to tell anyone that will listen how I made the magic appear out of thin air.

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