Featured Article: Why You Have To Do At Least One Outrageous Thing In Your Twenties

I’m not being dramatic when I say outrageous. I really mean it. I’m talking totally out there, life changing, soul expanding, heart bursting outrageous.


Something that you look back on and say holy sh*t, not only did I do that but it changed the entire course of my life and brought me to this totally unpredictable place that I am now.


You can feel it within yourself when it’s time for a change, when life is getting too platonic and you need some extra sparkle. It starts to run you down and makes you irritated and unhappy with your current situation.


That’s when you need to pull your parachute and float yourself to somewhere different, either mentally, physically, or even better both.


My outrageous thing was moving half way across the country. I went from the east coast to Nashville, Tennessee and it was the best decision I ever made.