Featured Article: 3 Ways To Fight Off Your Never-Ending Case Of Winter Laziness

Why do we feel so lazy?

How can we go from feeling motivated and ready to take on the world to feeling lazy and ready to binge-watch Netflix for hours on end?

Like almost everyone I know, I dislike procrastinating and pushing things aside for another time.

Yet, I do it anyway, for no good reason at all.

I've started to actually pay attention to my laziness in the hopes I will be able to break the spell.

Then, I can make myself get off my butt, achieve my dreams and start something really incredible for myself.

What I've realized, through, is this process of laziness is just a habit.

It's a habit we unknowingly create.

It can start small, with the initial, “I'll just do it later,” but suddenly, we're allowing laziness to be a strong driving force in our lives.

This is not okay.

Let's be real here: Laziness is not going to bring you a gorgeous home, the career of your dreams, an amazing spouse or a beautiful life.

In order to attain any of these things, we have to be up on our feet, not lying on our couches.

The year 2016 cannot be the year of Netflix binge-watching and eating potato chips on the couch.

It has to be the year of success, learning and growing into ourselves.

None of this can happen if we stay inside and put off our goals and aspirations “until tomorrow.”

They have to begin now.

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