Featured Article: 4 Reasons to Say F*ck It And Go For Your Dreams

You heard me.

There’s not one cell in my body that can conform to a “normal” lifestyle of having a sub-par job that doesn’t make me excited and happy to be alive. I strive for passion in my life, in my relationships, friendships, and in my career and I’m certain everyone should.

If you are given one life to live, why in the world would you spend it being kind of happy and not all the way-can’t even fathom it-over the top-happy? Everyone can have that type of happiness and I think it’s just plain silly that not everyone is going for it.

What’s there to lose? In my eyes, you’re already losing if you aren’t obsessed with the life that you’re living or at least working towards being obsessed with your life.

Whether your dream is to be a nurse, blogger, financial advisor, ANYTHING-you have to go for it because you canachieve it. There are endless reasons to go all the way and get what you want from this life-here’s 4 of my top reasons.

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