3 Ways My Instagram Crushes Taught Me About Motivation

I’m okay with admitting I’m an Instagram creep.

I checked my phone today, and I found out I use 17 percent of my phone battery on the app.

I won’t lie and say I was entirely happy with that finding.

Yet, 15 minutes later, I was on the app again to see if anything new had been posted.

As much as I love following my friends, the posts I look for are from my Instagram crushes. These are the people whose lifestyles entice me, confuse me and make me just so incredibly jealous.

I feel a separation from them, not just due to my lack of following, but because my life seemed incomparable.

They jet-set around the world, eat fancy lunches and go to “invitation only” events.

I travel maybe a few times a year and make my own meals. The only invitations I get are from friends to get “buy one, get one” beers at the pub down the street.

For a while, my Instagram crushes tantalized me with the beauty of their lives.

I actually became frustrated that I was working at a meaningless job just to make ends meet, while they were actually living the life of my dreams.

Then, it clicked.

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