My First Travel Failure

My First Travel Failure

aka why you shouldn’t book through Orbitz ever again.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I had a tripped planned for Bangkok with a flight leaving in 11 days. Yes, less than two weeks from today.


I booked said trip via Orbitz, it was my first time booking through them and it will certainly be the last. I’ll give you a short recap of what happened:

  1. Orbitz overlaps our flight from Bejing To Bangkok. AKA our flight to Bangkok leaves before our flight to Bejing lands.
  2. We find the mistake and call them to fix our travel times.
  3. They give us a new set of flights that adds one day of travel to our itinerary (for a total of three days to get from Boston To Bangkok), gives us one hour inbetween our connection from Boston-Bejing to Bejing to Bangkok, AND gets us into Bangkok at 11:45 pm at night.
  4. We initially take the flight and then realize that we now need to get a hotel because of our additional day of travel, the chances of us missing our flight to Bangkok is pretty damn high, and we will be maneuvering our way through a new country at 12 am at night.
  5. We call customer service back and ask for a refund. They initially tell us that because the flight has already gone through that they can’t give us one BUT by staying assertive but extremely polite and appreciative our customer service rep gets on the phone with Air China ANDDDD GETS US OUR MONEY BACK!

All of this took a sum total of 6+ hours on the phone with their customer service.

Yes, I just said six hours.

So we took a serious hit. Luckily we had been totally slacking on planning our travels within Thailand so we haven’t had to cancel any extra flights or Airbnb’s.

There’s a serious lesson to be learned here though (besides not booking an international flight with Orbitz).

Life is all about rolling with the punches.

There’s two choices in this situation:

  1. To be angry that it happened


2. To go with the flow

In life, when things don’t go to plan we resist the new changes.


Our egoic expectations tell us that we should be mad that these changes are happening to us. We’re automatically angry that things aren’t going the way we initially intended them to.

When we let go of that expectation and decide to go with the flow and to NOT resist this change and instead embrace it-that’s where the magic happens.

By embracing change and not fighting it, we open ourselves up to the real potential of life.

We see opportunity where we once saw a closed door.

If we can make the concious decision to embrace these changes instead of fighting them-life becomes obvious.

It becomes obvious that somethings just weren’t meant to be (like said Bangkok trip).

To go with the flow in situations like these and other situations where life didn’t go as planned is a hell of a lot easier said than done.

But it can be done.

All it takes is ONE concious decision to see a change in plans (big or small) as an opportunity. An opportunity for the unknown, an opportunity for life to create something special, and opportunity for something to happen that you may not have realized you even needed.

I’ve had only travel success since 2017 started, going to VegasColorado, and Chicago all on a whim.

Now that I’ve been hit with this failure-I honestly feel just as blessed as I did when I was having all of those successes.

My mentality is that I’m excited to see what life will fill this time void with. I’m excited to see where I’ll be in two weeks, even if it means I end up staying home and working in Nashville (if you don’t know-I love what I do and the thought of that actually EXCITES me).


Don’t let opportunity disguise itself as failure.

Embrace change.

Embrace change so tightly that life has no other choice BUT to provide you with an epic opportunity.

Embrace change so full heartedly that you no longer recognize situations as failures but just a chance for a plot twist.

Embrace change and in turn-you’ll have found the secret to living a happy and successful life!

I Quit My Job To Become A Blogger And I Already Know Why I’ll Be Successful
“When you have a backup plan, you are mentally preparing to not succeed.”

In 34 Days I Have: Quit My Job, Went To Vegas, Got 2 Dreams Jobs and Traveled To Colorado-3 Lessons I Learned Along The Journey

Things have been crazy.


The last article I wrote was about how I quit my job waitressing and became a full time blogger and freelance contractor…that was posted 17 days ago, right after my trip to Las Vegas:



Since then I’ve landed myself TWO (2!!!) content curation jobs for awesome brands that I am more than happy to be representing. I’ve also been able to interview some amazing people (including Todd Brison, who inspired me beyond belief-Podcast coming soon!) and of course I’ve been working on creating an epic platform so that I can continously reach inspired millennials who are ready to find their passions and go for the dreams!

BUT-I got a little stir crazy and the time came to go on another adventure…Cue my trip to Colorado last weekend!


As soon as I got back I hit the ground running, creating Instagram posts for a real estate company in Nashville, TN and working with another amazing client that wants to give back and help people create businesses from home.

What I’ve learned from 34 days of pure chaos, total risk, savings account depletion, and overwhelming amounts of work is this:

  1. The hustle is real but not in the sense of working 12 hours a day, everyday. If you want to correctly “hustle” you MUST, I repeat, you MUST know how to disconnect from your work. You must be able to disengage and be able to take even five minutes to yourself. If not, you become a slave to your work and in the blogging/social media industry that means you are working 7 days a week. My hustle has become the art of learning how to be the most productive that I can be, versus how to be as busy as I possible. This means that I take time off for myself so that I can be that much more efficient later. Trust me.
  2. Nobody knows how hard I’m working and it doesn’t matter. Not my friends, not my parents, sister, or even my coworkers. What I’ve learned as a blogger/content curator is that people don’t actually understand what you do or where you plan to go with it. Unless you are in the industry, chances are that the whole social media/blogging thing seems like the easy way out of the 9–5. Turns out it’s the easiest way into the 9am-9am (hence previous bullet). I’ve learned that I don’t care what my ego says-nobody has to fully comprehend all that I’m doing. As long as I can sit back and give myself adequate credit, then it’s all good.
  3. Travel can unlock your creativity. I’m pretty sure that travel is currently my significant other. It’s the love of my life, the thing that makes me better, the actual apple of my eye. Through traveling I am becoming better and better at creating videos (look at the difference between my Vegas video and my Colorado video) a skill that I never knew I would be able to perfect. Travel forces new things into your life that wouldn’t have appeared there without it-and those new things can start a cascade of amazingness (if you allow it). Here’s what I do when I travel: talk to as many locals as are interested in talking to me, video everything cool so I can make a super sweet compilation video out of it, and think about how cool it is that I have brought this amazing experience upon myself.
  4. I’m not alone. What a freeing insight this has become. If LostLeBlanc can do it so can I. If others can grow epic Instagram platforms then so can I. If others can hustle and travel at the same time then so can I. I am no different than these amazing influencers and I plan to have the same accomplishments under my belt!

Things are only going to get crazier. This is just the beginning of an incredible adventure and the way I see it, it’s my job to make sure that I enjoy every second of the ride.

You can follow my journey on Instagram:


Or you can just walk away from this article with this take away:

Go do it.


Whatever is on your mind, whatever makes you wonder “What if I went and did that?”, whatever is your thing go and do it. Take one actionable step to get yourself closer to your goal than you were when you woke up this morning.


Open your eyes to the very real reality that you only live once, so it would seem awfully silly to spend it doing anything than what you want. Am I right, or am I right?

Read the book that started me on this chaotic journey: The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill.

This book is what initially sparked me to realize that everything happening in my life was a direct result of what I was thinking was happening in my life. Without it, this blog post would never exist because I would have never believed it would be possible for me to be living such a beautiful, adventure filled life of pure awesomeness all the time.