I Studied What Made People Successful For 6 Months

This is not a drill.


For SIX MONTHS I read, listened and soaked in every single ounce of knowledge that I could from a sh*t ton of people wondering “WHAT IS IT THAT IS MAKING THEM SUCCESSFUL?!”


Deep down I knew there had to be a pattern. I KNEW that if I kept bouncing from successful person to successful person and I stalked how they came to be at the place they are now that I would find their secret.


It turns out, I was actually right.


Here’s are the sources that I used to find successful people telling their stories:

  1. Hustle Sold Separately Podcast. AKA the bible of entrepreneurship. No, I’m serious. This is the podcast that started my journey and got me from Point A-waitressing for a living with absolutely no purpose or passion to Point B-managing social media, blogging, freelance writing, and very shortly traveling the world. But back to the main point-this is a podcast all about really successful people telling you the story of how they got there. AKA the bible of entrerpeneurship (totally worth repeating).
  2. Lewis Howes School Of Greatness Podcast. You know, it’s really crazy to me that podcasts are free because at this point they have given me more knowledge, value, insights, perspectives, and tools than college ever did. Again, back to the point-this is exactly that. Greatness in your ears. People who have become really successful in all facets of life talking about how they became really successful. This girl listened, learned and is now using it to build her own empire. 
  3. Youtube. Again, FREE. Here’s what I’ve done: become a stalker. I stalk people who are doing a really good job at creating content as proven by their views and subscribers. This includes Casey Neistat and Logan Paul. Yes, people who have asboltuely nothing to do with my particular niche but have all of the value in the world to provide me about how they are creating impact.


I guess you could say that I put myself through a 6 month Success 101 course. I studied, compared, and mostly I just kept learning and trying to figure out what the hell made these people so successful.


Here it is:


#1: Execution


Now that I’ve really come to terms with this I think, “Duh.” but for the longest time I didn’t put two and two together. For the last five years of my life I thought successful people tended to be successful because they knew the right people or they already had money or they just got super lucky. I thought the outliers were the people that worked really hard. Turns out that’s not the case. It’s completely the opposite. 


The outliers are the people who just knew the right person, or were already sitting on buckets of cash, or happened to be in the right place at the right time. 


The majority of successful people are the ones who have all done one very specific thing in common, executed.


They have had a dream and taken action. They have made a choice and taken action. They have set a goal and taken action. They have taken action.


Side Note: I had an epic conversation with Caitlin Cardoza about how execution has taken our lives from average to a solid 7 on the cool scale. Stay tuned for when it hits a full out 10. Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes (Episode 3).


#2: Consistency


Don’t stop. I like to think of it as a snowball going down hill. Imagine at first the snowball is teeny tiny, it’s honestly really cute. It starts to go down hill and it’s slow at first. It picks up tiny bits of snow (because it’s so teeny it can’t really grab much else) but slowly it picks up speed. The momentum continues to grow and the snowball gets bigger and bigger and suddenly it’s capable of picking up tons of snow and it grows at a faster and faster rate.


This is you. You are that snowball. YOU are the one in charge of rolling down that hill and make sure that you don’t stop picking up momentum. The second you stop your snowball falls to pieces and it becomes clumps of snow on the ground instead of this perfectly formulated snowball that can roll down the hill with ease.


Consistency = Momentum


Engrain this into your mind. You have momentum when you are CONTINUOUSLY DOING SOMETHING.


This means if you want to start a blog, you don’t just blog every day for a week then take two weeks off then blog for two days then take another week off.


It means that you are a blogger who is consistently coming out with content.


If you want to create a personal brand on Instagram this means that you post at least once a day, every day, forever and eternity. Okay, that’s being dramatic but you seriously do need to post once a day if you want to gain a trusted, genuine audience.


The consistency is what will make you heard. The consistency is what will make you great. The consistency is what will make you successful.


It’s crazy to me that this really isn’t rocket science. That seriously anybody can become successful if they can consistently force themself to take action and then make that a continuous habit.


Let me save you six months and tell you here right now, that this is the equation:


Execution + Consistency = Success


Maybe by taking action on something you thought you wanted to do with your life and consistently doing it will lead you to realize that you don’t actually like doing it as much as you thought.


That’s a tremendos success. You just dodged a bullet and figured it out really quickly instead of wasting years connecting the dots.


If you have no idea what your execution should be:


then take action and start listening to those podcasts and watching youtube videos of people doing things that you want to be doing. Seriously look at it as if you’re in school and you’re taking notes on their every move. 


From a social media stand point (because that’s my particular forte):


If you want to be a Youtube star, look at other people in the niche you want to be in on Youtube and watch 15, 50, 100 of their videos until you understand what they are doing that is making them successful-then put your own spin on it and start building your audience. Look at how many times a week they post, what camera they use, what editing they use, how they are structuring their content, the angles they use, literally every single detail that you can.


If you want to have an Instagram following, look at other people in your niche and see what they are doing. How is their audience interacting with them? How many times a week are they posting? What kind of content are they posting? What content would you want from them? How could you do what they are doing better? Are they posting about their lives every day or posting professional photos from a shoot that they did where they took 100 photos in different outfits and poses for long term content? 


If you want to be a blogger, how are other bloggers setting up their websites and how does the experience of being on their site make you feel? Should you set your site up like there’s or completely opposite? How often are they posting? Where did you initially find their content? How can you get your content to a bigger audience? What are they doing to get their content out there? Do they have ads on their site? Are they doing promotional product posts? Are their pictures professionally taken? Do they do giveaways? How did they ask you to sign up for their email list?


These are all questions to ask yourself that you can then go and take action on. You can say, “well I don’t like how they’re site is set up so here is a sketch of how I want my site to look. Now I’m going to purchase my domain. Now I’m going to structure my site. “


This is execution. This is what will make you successful.


Make it happen, people. The time will pass whether you’re trying to accomplish your dreams or not so why not go balls to the wall and make yourself a success story? Why not just TRY to see if you have what it takes? 


Put yourself to the test. Take action, no matter how small it is. Even if your biggest action is listening to my podcast (shameless plug), this is still a HUGE step because you never know what you could learn that could spark a new insight or perspective that puts you on the course to making your dreams a real thing!


Let's end with this:


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