What I Learned From 6 Years Of Stifling My Dreams-Besides That It Was A Really Bad Idea

Sometimes your only available mode of transportation is a leap of faith.
— Margaret Shepard

As time passes with this blog I'm starting to wonder what my intentions are. 

I started wanting to show people what I was doing to grow my blog following and to show people what it is that I'm doing that is making me so happy and so fulfilled right now.

Then I wanted to share my perspectives and insights with all of you. 

Now I feel pointed in a certain direction. That I need to make this more personal and get down to the nitty gritty of my day to day and really exactly what it is that is inspiring me to create a career that I will love with every cell in my body and what it is that I'm doing to get a healthy mindset. 

This is what it's all about. Listening to that inner voice that is shining a light in the right direction. The inner voice that tells you exactly what to do next. 

I used to stifle the hell out of that voice. I would legit put it in a corner and tell it to stop talking. It's so strange to me now that I was so okay with settling for a life that would never bring me true happiness. At one point I was mentally preparing myself to work a boring job, marry the wrong guy, and live in the same place for the rest of my life. I was putting all of my energy into accepting that I was going to live a life that just wasn't meant for me.

This is so beyond not okay and it's here that I find the most inspiration to share my story and tell you guys that I'm not even all the way there yet and I'm already certain that I've made the right choice. I'm probably 10% closer to achieving all of my dreams and I could never turn back.

It's not even an option. I don't even consider it. 

I still have a "normal job" (I waitress to pay all of my bills). I'm not a full time blogger, freelancer writer, or world traveler yet but I know with everything inside of me that this is what I'm meant to do and this is how I'm meant to do it. 

What I've learned is that we have to, have to, have to listen to that voice inside of us. It is telling you word for word what you should do. Step by step. Action by action. If you let that voice become your tour guide through your life, you will never turn back. You'll be like me wondering why I waited so long to be happy, to feel fulfilled, and to find my absolute passion.

Don't be like me. Do it now. Don't waste more time. Listen to the voice and go for what it's telling you. You might love what it's telling you or you might be terrified of what it's asking of you. 

No one said it was easy but I'm here to tell you it's worth it. 

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