Three Best Destinations in Panama For Ocean Lovers

My favorite mode of transport is a taxi boat.


When you’re on one of these slightly questionable but one hundred percent an adventure type boat-you know your life is good.


There is nowhere to be and no one to see except for your blue margarita and the never-ending Caribbean ocean.


Life is good in Panama and even better in these special spots.


Bocas Del Toro


Heaven on earth, where the only way to get from one island to another is a boat or a kayak. In order to get to The Blue Coconut, the infamous ender to the Filthy Friday day party, is by boat because, well, it’s located in the middle of the ocean. It’s only neighbors are starfish and brightly colored fish. 



Accommodation in Bocas is a no brainer-you have to experience Bambuda Lodge, situated on its own island within Bocas, is one of the most epic spots for both backpackers and vacationing travelers. The pool overlooks the vast ocean, bordered by palm trees and people kicked back, relaxed laying on hanging nets. 


Coiba Island


You will start in Santa Catalina, where the wifi is non existent and you’ll get the real vibe of living in a small Central American town. You only need two nights and one day here (the day you arrive, the day after for your excursion and then leave the next day) because aside from Coiba there isn’t much going on.



$60 USD can land you a snorkeling trip to three different islands of Coiba National Park (including a tour guide, snorkel gear, lunch and $20 entrance fee into the park). There are also diving packages available that take you farther out into the Pacific ocean.


Jumping into emerald green water, you are going to find yourself in an underwater world that you didn’t even know existed. Sea turtles, manta rays, white tip reef sharks, schools of bright yellow fish and more swim in the crystal clear ocean creating a mesmerizing moment of seeing a biological system living out its day to day life.


San Blas Islands


It all starts at 6AM when your ride picks you up outside of your hotel or hostel. A quick pit stop to the grocery store for snacks and water and you’re off, making your way out of Panama City and into the curving roads that lead you straight to the Caribbean.


And you are officially in paradise.


San Blas Islands are 360 small islands surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and inhabited by the Kuna people. Accommodation means a hut with a sand floor, the front door leading you straight into the aqua ocean.

GPTempDownload 2.jpg


Every day they’ll cook you an authentic seafood meal and every night they’ll gladly serve you Balboa or Tona beers.


Each island takes about two minutes to walk from side to side (and some even less) all with something special to offer-an abandoned underwater ship, hammocks along the ocean and even hammocks in the ocean. 


San Blas is a step into the portal of paradise, bringing you into its lush Carribean lifestyle and showing you just how hard it’s going to be to ever get out.



Life in Panama is special. Bordered by two beautiful oceans, this country has been designed for world travelers who can’t wait to get their feet in the sand and their snorkel masks on-ready for underwater adventures from border to border.