Learning To Have Faith In The Process

If you are consistent; if you are putting in the hours; if you are doing the work; if you are grinding; if you are mindful; if you are positive; if you are actively participating in your life - than you weren’t lucky, you were ready and prepared.
— Matt Gottesman via @HDFMagazine Instagram

This here is everything. 

I've talked before about how this isn't my first blog. I've probably started about three blogs (not including this one) and none of them ever amounted to anything. Why?

I wasn't ready.

At the time I was pretty butt hurt that I wasn't seeing success from my blogs but now I understand. Just as important as it is for us to pursue our passions and follow our intuition we have to understand that everything is going to happen in due time and if it hasn't happened yet despite us putting conscious effort into it then it's not meant to be right now.

That doesn't mean it won't happen later. If it's meant for you it's going to happen but we have to accept our fate as equally as we accept that we are human and so a lack of patience will create extreme frustration and feelings of failure. 

I preach about having patience because that's what changed everything for me. When i literally said, "I give up, I'm putting it in someone else's hands" is when the magic started to happen. I had been forcing and forcing for so long by trying to create a career I wasn't ready for that I had created this massive feeling of resentment within myself. I wanted the success right now.

In reality, if I had had this extreme blogging success at 19 years old then I wouldn't have been able to mess around and be a young twenty year old. I wouldn't have been able to balance my work and the rest of my life. It's SO wild to look back on.

We have to, have to, have to, be patient when we decide to follow our dreams. This patience is the key to everything you have ever wanted and then some. This patience is going to be the driving force behind growing something quickly without quality, or growing something epic that's actually worth something. 

Being able to look back and understand that I wasn't meant to be a blogger at 19 years old and that was why I was never able to fully commit to creating a successful blog is one of the most important lessons I've learned. 

I now have extreme faith in the process. I understand that if things aren't working in my favor it's for a reason and I need to change my perspective immediately so that I don't recreate all those feelings of resentment and failure that I allowed myself to feel before. 

We all have something in our lives that we can look back on and say, wow I see why that worked out that way. Maybe it was switching high schools, moving to a new house as a kid, transferring colleges, getting one car instead of the other. Take a solid creep through your life and look at a time when you can say "at the time I didn't understand why that wasn't working a certain way despite how badly I wanted it to but now I do and I'm grateful that it didn't work out the way that I wanted." I feel as if we all have at least one of those moments. 

Remember that moment when you're kicking yourself for not being farther into accomplishing your goals, when you're feeling stuck at your hourly job, or aren't understanding why things are happening in your life a certain way. 

There's a reason things unfold when they do. There's a lot we can do to help our passions manifest in front of us but there's also a lot we can't. Find the balance between working hard and staying patient for things to happen in due time so that you can be your most productive and positive self. 

Work hard everyday at creating your dreams and following your passions and at keeping your patience and allowing your life to come together as it should. You can and you will accomplish all of your goals if you work hard enough and you hold on to the patience that you need to create a sustainable long term business. 

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