The Successful Entrepreneurial Secret That Nobody Talks About

Don’t get scared, I promise this isn’t a math lesson.

I’m going to show you how to be as productive as possible and keep an upward trajectory even when you feel like your in dire need of a break from work.

…and we’re going to need a simple sin wave to make my point.


As entrepreneurs and passionate people we tend to struggle in ways that our 9–5 friends don’t. When you’re BUILDING your career it takes a lot more than waking up really early and staying commited for 8 hours a day. It takes consistent growth and focus in order to achieve your goals.


Very quickly we misunderstand this statement.


This doesn’t mean that we have to work 12 hour days 7 days a week, give up or social life, stop talking to our family and get to feel okay about that beer belly.


It means that we have the responsibility to be in control of where we currently at as a trajectory point on this sin wave.


Let’s look at our entrepreneurial journey as this sin wave.


See where that big arrow is pointing? When you’re in this part of your entrepreneurial journey it’s your job to be taking action. It means that you’re sending those important emails, making those power moves, connecting with high quality people in your niche and spending at least a few hours a day getting shit done.


This time is limited. There’s a reason that this entire graph isn’t just an upward line.


When you look at your job as an entrepreneur as an upward line of consistent hard work, early mornings and late nights you’re looking at your demise. You’re not fully understanding what it means to be an entrepreneur because at this rate you are going to burn out and potentially walk away from everything you’ve been working so hard on.


There’s going to hit a point where you need a mini vacation. This doesn’t mean that you quit everything and put it on hold for a few days. It means that you do the “maintanence” aspects of your job but you spend the rest of your time doing something else.


During these downward peaks, it’s your job to relax…well in a sense.


Instead of burning yourself out, what you do is sit back and learn. You grow from reading and listening. Consider it a meditative retreat of that’s based off of expanding your mind with vital knowledge that you’ll need to succeed.


By taking a break from the hustle aspect of the empire that you are trying to create you allow time for you to reset and for you to come back fresh with innovative ideas and a new creativity flow.


What comes next?


You start to come back up. This is the time to put everything you have been diligently learning to the test. The long hours start to creep up again but you’re okay because your refreshed and ready for them. Your mindset is clear and your focus is stronger than ever.


This is where the magic happens. Tim Ferriss talks about having “mini retirments”. This is exactly what he’s talking about.


When Tim Ferriss takes a vacation I doubt that he spends it clubbing, sleeping in till 3pm and doing absolutely no work for his businesses whatsoever.


He uses this time to recalibrate and to fill his mind with detrimental information that will accelerate him faster when it comes time to put his nose to the grindstone again.


We see famous musicians do this as well. Taylor Swift goes on world tours and then isn’t seen for two years. What do you think she’s doing? Riding that downward wave so that she is fresh and ready for that upward wave to strike.


As an entrepreneur I’ve learned the hard way of what 12 hour days will do to you. We came into this type of work to escape the misery of a normal work routine, so why are we creating it in such a sacred space?


Use your passions to propel you and to lead you farther than you could have ever imagined for yourself all while taking the necessary time to make sure that you are creating the best possible outcome.


Hey, I guess they did teach us something useful in school!


On your downward wave?


 Listen to my podcast with Tony Ann, The Chainsmoker’s piano player here. They found Tony on Youtube, asked him to go on their nationwide Memories tour with them, then flew him out to Cali to start rehearsals. That’s what I like to call an upward wave of pure action!

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