Chris Connors On Starting A Blog/Coaching Business, Staying True To His Passions, and Creating A Successful Social Media Platform

That’s what I believe and kind of prescribe to others. When I work with clients I’m asking the very most fundamental question in the beginning which is: What do you want? What do you really want to be doing and how can you work to get there where the synchronization of enthusiasm and passion with your natural talents will align?
— Chris Conners

I can honestly say that this has been one of my favorite interviews to do. Chris Connors is exactly what you would believe somebody that writes articles like: You Have Exactly What You Need, 4 Bold Ideas To Change The Way You Look At Personal Growth, and Value Every Relationship You Have-Never Take Anyone For Granted.


He's a deep thinker with an eye on the prize of helping others to succeed and to realize their own potential.


He defines his passion in three ways:


 "Number one my biggest passion is my family and it's the people that I love in my life and I will always say that that comes before anything else and it comes exponentially higher than anything else.


Second would be my writing and trying to connect with people. As my life has gone on I kind of describe myself as an introverted extrovert. I love being around other people and the energy of other people brings out the best in me. I also really savor and love the time that I have to myself when I'm writing and the ideas are coming out of me.


Third would be coaching. Working with individuals, which is something that I do as part of a way that I earn my living, and I've also been a high school basketball coach for six years."


With 6.2k followers on Medium and a book in the works it seems obvious to ask: Where did it all begin?


"I think in my mind I've always had that bug and I think that in different points in my life I've pursued it more than others. I have memories going back to elementary school writing inspiring stories about a little kids basketball dreams coming true."


"But a lot of my story is actually going and working in the business world after college and going into the work force and kind of hitting this point seven years ago where I realized I wasn't doing the things that I love. I wasn't coaching basketball, I wasn't helping other people with their resume or coaching work and I wasn't doing a lot of writing. So I actually started writing for the Bleacher Report. I did a lot of writing over a two year period. I stopped and realized that my calling wasn't to be a sports writer as much as I loved doing it and I'd say it was year-year and a half ago where I really picked up the game. I had been doing a lot of writing really for only my eyes. I had been starting to write a book but I wasn't publishing any of that content online. I wasn't blogging.

It was overcoming a fear and putting myself out there. I think I've always been a writer. It's always something that I know that I've been good at and a lot of it was a willingness to share that with other people."


It was about seven years ago that I did write down all of those things that I wanted and then I put together a plan to achieve them.

I didn't really know about Medium and it was kind of reading other writers and blogs, like  Jeff Goins. I'd read some of his columns and books and he talked about how decided to use Medium as a good platform to publish his writing and I just started to realize that that was the time to get myself stuff out there and to reproduce it and not just write on my blog but also to write on Medium. It was a great way for me to connect with people and to grow. I started out with my own personal blog and that manifested itself into starting my own personal website and working a web designer to create that and it was very comprehensive in terms of social media and even just word of mouth reaching out to people in my network and saying 'hey this is my number one dream and any support you can give would be greatly appreciated.' 

When people see that you're enthusiastic and your passionate about something people want to help."

Don't be fooled by his writing talents-Chris is an entrepreneur at heart and has taken actionable steps to make sure that his writing gets seen by a large scale audience. 

"I think the other aspect of it I've just kind of done the work in terms of learning a lot about content marketing and learning and understanding the rules of the game and right way to try to reach people in an intelligent way. If I could humbly say I think you are doing a great job of that. You are making an effort to reach out to people and it's a pleasure to be on here and speak with you and you seem like you're doing that the right way and I think the right way to do it is to understand how relationships work. 


I took the time and I learned a lot more about how to market myself the right way. I read a tremendous amount of resources online I've taken courses on Udemy to learn a bit more about branding and marketing, which has helped me because I think the advice I would give to any writer is that it's not really all about how well you write. If you write the best book in the world but no one reads it...mission not accomplished. "


As a writer and creator I've learned that one of the biggest limitations we can put on ourselves is that of fear. We fear what others might think of how we choose to express ourselves and inevitably we spend so much time fearing what others think of us that we subside our dreams and goals and decide to go the safer route. Talking with Chris I learned that not only am I not the only one who has felt this self doubt but that I'm also not the only one to overcome it in the same way.


"I think that it was just this feeling of empowerment. I write a lot about emotions and fear and it was a lot about overcoming the fear of worrying about what other people might think about the real me and the real way that I feel.

AMEN! There's a valuable lesson to be learned from Chris and his resilience to go against the grain and create a life for himself that is full of passion, love, and fulfillment. 

To learn more about Chris you can find him on Medium and Twitter.


Chris' Goals for 2017:

1. Publish his first book

2. Continue to build his coaching business

3. Practice what he preaches


Chris' Favorite Books:


More Awesome Chris Connor's quotes:


"It just kind of felt like it was my time and I decided to start a blog and a lot of the reason that I did was because of all of the writing that I did over the past previous years that I wanted to turn into a book."


"I really had to take an introspective look at myself and so a lot of the coaching work that I do is around work that I've done for myself in terms of reinventing myself. What are my core talents? What are my values that I hold most dear? What are things that I have enthusiasm for and how can I blend all those things together to be the best version of me?"


"Seeking first to help others and then hoping that that relationship is reciprocal. "I always like to give without expecting anything in return."


"There are some days where I truly feel like I'm just getting these thoughts and inspirations and ideas and I take them and I just write 2,000 words and it's purely from the heart. Then there's others days where that doesn't come as naturally. I think that there are idea days where those ideas kind of get stored away for another day and days where I feel a writing inspiration I write more frequently."