How To Redefine "The Hustle" For Maximum Success

“The first thing that I don’t do is hustle.
— Eric Termuende | The Millennial Mastermind Podcast Ep. 30

Epic quote right? 

As a new entrepreneur and start up creator I let myself conform to this idea that I had to hustle my a** off to accomplish my dreams. I'm typing this on my second cup of caffeine today because without it I could fall asleep just about anywhere right now and I don't know when I decided that this was okay.

I get it. There's no way that you'll just get everything you want by doing absolutely nothing to accomplish your goals but I am also learning (the hard way) that that doesn't mean that I have to compromise my sleep, my brain power, and my relationships to do so. 

Unsurprisingly, as I was struggling with trying to finish my to do list for the day I heard something that was exactly what I needed to hear

I was listening to The Millennial Mastermind Podcast and Eric Termuende said something absolutely invaluable. That despite being a 24 year old success story he doesn't believe in the idea of hustling.

This guy has already done a Ted Talk, has been featured in Forbes, and written a book yet he doesn't hustle. Let's just say he had my full attention. 

I seriously suggest listening to the podcast for the full version but essentially Eric explains how this trendy idea of hustling for our dreams ends up compromising the quality of our work and creating this unhealthy, fast paced society. 

Considering I'm living this right now, I could not POSSIBLY agree more. 

This idea that we should lose sleep and work 18 hours days just isn't realistic. What it's going to create is a generation of people who almost accomplished their goals but burned out just as they were about to make any real progress. 

The past two weeks have been insanely hectic for me between my hourly job, my freelance writing, and my blog and I went into it knowing that it was going to be hectic. My mindset was that I was going to hustle through it, waking up early and going to bed late and pulling off 16+ hour work days. 

It didn't work. I ended up missing two days of blog posts because my brain was (and still is) fried. 

I don't want this to happen to people who are en route to accomplishing their goals. 

We have to change the idea of hustling from being a huge sacrifice of sleep, time, and energy to the ability to be present, focused, and organized on every project we take on.

I've learned my lesson. From now on this is the definition of hustling that I will take on. As much as we love our passions we have to remember that first we are humans and then we are entrepreneurs. We have to prioritize our human ways before our entrepreneur ways. 

I'm not saying 16 hour work days can't ever happen but they certainly shouldn't happen for more than a few days in a row unless you are completely and totally okay with compromising the quality of your work.

My hustle has officially changed from a sacrifice to a growing experience where I'll learn about organizing, scheduling, prioritizing, and checking in with myself and my body to make sure that I'm capable of everything that I'm asking of myself.

I am seriously taking Eric's advice to heart because I have learned my lesson. There is nothing good that would come of me working like this for another day, week, month, or (I can't even imagine) year! 

How am I going to put this into action?

  • Create a schedule for the upcoming week with daily to do lists
  • Put my phone on Do Not Disturb for maximum focus and productivity during tasks
  • Make sure I sleep 7-8 hours a night
  • Make time for meals and working out
  • Prioritize more "chill" time

Here's a huge thank you to Eric Termuende for creating an epic insight that has changed my entire perspective on what it really means to hustle for your dreams. 

On that note, it's time for some well deserved r&r.

My Top 3 Inspiring Podcasts

We're going to do something different this week.

Instead of me inspiring you, I'm going to show you what inspires me. 

I'll show you who I listen to, what videos I watch, what books I read, and what meditations I use. 

My hope and dream for my blog and my career are to inspire others to follow their passions and really go for the life that is calling them and I think the hardest part is that initial start. 

For me, that initial start took years. I had trouble connecting the dots and finding what it was that I wanted to do. At that time, the most valuable thing to me would have been for somebody else show me the light. The light of inspiration in their life, the light that kept themselves driven everyday to continue following their dreams, and the light that took them from Point A to Point B. 

So we'll start on this Monday with one of my favorite types of inspiration: Podcasts. 

As of lately, my top 3 favorites are:

The coolest part about these Podcasts is that they all encompass one theme: people who are driven to follow their dreams and have become successful off of their passions. 

It's not until lately that I realized that I hadn't heard all too many people speak about how they started their business and why they started and what made them feel driven to follow through on their intuitions. How could I expect myself to fully believe that I could do it when I wasn't surrounding myself with people who had?

There is this insane confidence that overcomes you when you are constantly listening to people who are succeeding off of their dreams. It makes you sit back and say, "If it's possible for them it's possible for me. These are people just like me who have hustled and put time, energy, and love into something that is now giving them those exact things back. Now it's my turn."

I love podcasts and the fact that they are a free resource is absolutely incredible. The knowledge I have attained from listening to these podcasts for a few weeks now is insane and I can't even imagine how much I'll know after six months, a year, and so on. 

It's exactly the same thing that I talk about with reading, if you want to start a business you don't have to start from scratch and learn every lesson the hard way. Learn from others mistakes and use every platform presented to you to make things happen faster for you than it did for them. 

Podcasts have given me insight into what it really means to know my purpose, that I'm not crazy for following my passion, that I'm not the only one hustling my a** off everyday, and insane amounts of life and business hacks that I'll use for the rest of my life. 

Listen, learn, and explore! These podcasts speak to me but maybe for you there's something better out there. Take sometime to creep around and find podcasts that really work for you and everything you are doing.

There's so much to be learned from others who have already traveled the path that we are just beginning-using them as a resource will be the biggest blessing we could ever give to ourselves while we focus on our passion and building a life we love.

How To Effectively Transform Your Life

It’s usually not a 180 in our whole lives but just a quarter of a twist.
— Bob Goff

So there I was, listening to Bob Goff and Dale Partridge talk it out on Dale's podcast Startup Camp when Bob said it better than I've ever heard it been said before.

Bob talks about how wine aging in cellars gets consistently twisted a quarter of a full twist. Apparently it has something to do with the sediment and the bottle-now that is all over my head-but this is an epic life lesson.

This is what I mean when preach about setting small attainable goals and staying patient

It's so easy to get caught up and want it all right here and right now but sometimes that's just not realistic. Even people who win the lottery and seemingly think they have it all right here and right now end up becoming disappointed when they realize that millions of dollars didn't actually solve any of their life problems (but actually created more).

We want this big epic transformation where we go from being average to excellent. Where we go from broke to rich. Where we go from single to married to our soul mate.

We forget though that there is a connection between where we are now and where we want to be that is necessary for us to grow through and transform from. 

If I had been handed a successful blog, freelancing career, and unlimited travel points two years ago I would have ran my blog to the ground, I would have disappointed clients, and I would have never had the courage to actually use my travel points. 

I needed to give myself a quarter of a twist by learning, reading, and growing my mindset. Then I had to keep twisting again, and again, and again and pretty sure I'll be giving my life another quarter of a twist.

We don't have to have huge epic changes to make epic changes. 

When we set small goals and work towards our dreams what we're doing is giving our lives a quarter of a twist. We're saying, in the wine bottle of my life the sediment has all fallen to the bottom and it's time to shake things up slightly. I'm going to create this habit, read these types of books, and perform these types of actions. This will be the twist that my life needs to get things moving and to get myself closer to accomplishing my goals and following through on my passions. 

What I've come to realize is that it's so strongly the little things that end up making the biggest difference. You don't need this huge epic transformation or change to start the momentum of a huge epic transformation or change in your life, all you need is to continuously give your life the quarter of a twist it needs.

If you want to pursue your passions, give yourself a quarter of a twist. 

Start adding in daily habits that bring you closer to your passion. If you don't know what your passion is start doing things every single day that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Focus yourself on creating these habits that you genuinely love and enjoy and you'll see for yourself in a few weeks how much a difference they have made.

There's only one way to test this theory and that's to put it into action. I've been giving my life a quarter of a twist for a few months now and I can't tell you the epic, epic, epic effect it has had on my life and my level of happiness. Don't just take my word for it-get to it!


"We Think We Choose Our Dream, But I Believe That Our Dream Chooses Us"

“I think for me, what I found that also keeps me going was the realization of this. I realized at quite a young age that your dream chooses you. We think we choose our dream, but I believe that our dream chooses us. It chooses you because based on everything you’ve been through, your pain, your trauma, your screw-ups, everything about yourself, everything you’ve ever thought, every break-up, every heartbreak, every failure, every success, all of those experiences have perfectly made you who you are.”
— Kute Blackson | Hustle Sold Separately Podcast #71

Wow. That's all I can really say.

This is a podcast I'll listen to over and over again in life whenever I'm feeling like I'm a bit in a rut. I seriously think pretty much every human should hear these words so that they can feel that much more connected to themselves, their purpose, and everything happening around them.

For all the entrepreneurs, creators, doers, anyone feeling down about life, anyone ready to make a transformational change, anyone feeling lost-this is it, right here.

Let's just say, we can pretty much guarantee that Kute's book will be coming up on the Book Of The Week.

Listen. Absorb. Act.

Click here to listen to the Podcast on HDF Magazine's website.

On a sidenote-Case and Matt seriously kill it in their biweekly podcast "The Hustle Sold Separately". It is inspirational beyond words-they always have successful guests on who have created something out of nothing and it's always amazing. 

I've recently followed their Instagram (@hdfmagazine and @prsuit) and I'm absolutely in love with the message that they are sending to their audience and the world. These are guys that are making a serious positive impact on the entrepreneurial and passionate online space and will essentially impact the world. Their HSS podcast continues to have driven and inspiring guests and if there's any direction I could lead you guys it would be in there direction. 

This is not at all sponsored-this is a true, genuine, and honest opinion. Now stop reading what I have to say and go listen!

What Were You Born To Do?

“We can’t just ask “What works for Warren Buffet? What works for Mark Zuckerberg? What works for Pat Flynn?” We have to say, “what works for us?”.”
— Chris Guillebeau, Podcast Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn


Guillebeau is everything you need him to be. Smart and down to earth he so simply breaks down how to go about figuring out what you want out of your life. Find out how balancing your joy, money, and flow will fix everything that is causing you unhappiness today. 

SPI 211: How To Know What You Were Born To Do with Chris Guillebeau

That's Some Damn Good Advice

“I think we all tend to feel like there’s what we believe to be our potential and then there’s what we believe to be living everyday and I haven’t yet met the person that feels that there’s some amount of gap between those two.”
— Jonathan Fields, Podcast: Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Here's some soul food packaged in podcast form:

SPI 236: Secrets And Science To Living The Good Life With Jonathan Fields