My Top 3 Meditations

For the better part of the last few years I've had a love hate relationship with meditation. I didn't have time for it (aka I didn't prioritize it) and I wasn't sure that it really had any serious effect on my psyche. 

It took me about a week and a half of doing it consistently twice a day to realize that meditation was my newfound outlet. Between meditation and working out my mind and body feel like they are exactly where they should be and are stronger than ever. This is a feeling I don't ever plan to let go of. 

The thing about meditation is that at first it's weird. It didn't come super naturally to me and so it was so easy for me to stick to doing it twice a day for three days and then not do it again for another three. A lot of the time, I would drift into thought during my practice and it made me feel like a meditation failure which of course made me not want to do it as much. 

Meditation takes time and it takes work.

It's just like working out. The first time you do it you're kind of skeptical. You feel weak, lifting weights really doesn't feel that good, and you don't know if you are even doing it right. Yet, as time goes on and you continue to work out you get stronger, you get addicted to the feeling of cardio, weight lifting, etc., and you start to learn how to do things right and most effectively. Meditation is the exact same thing.

If you can put a solid two weeks of a good meditation practice (twice a day for at least 15 minutes) you'll start to realize that there is some serious benefits to the whole thing and a reason why so many people preach about it. 

I've found that you really need to find your kind of meditation. Do you prefer sitting in complete silence and focusing on your breath? Would you rather listen to calming music or waves breaking on the beach? Or do you like to be guided during your meditation?

Personally, I love to listen to guided meditations. They give me great insights and perspectives that I can use and I think they are incredibly healing and transformative. 

Here are three of my current favorite meditations:

Guided Meditation: Blissful Deep Relaxation

Guided Hypnosis: Change Your Life In 7 Days 

Mindfulness Meditation in 20 MInutes

The best part about meditation right now is that there are SO many free resources for it on Youtube alone that you could spend an entire year meditating and never have to do the same one twice. 

I constantly try out new meditations and find new ones that resonate with me as my own mindset grows and shifts. 

I seriously urge you to meditate so that you too can feel guided, connected, inspired, and positive as you follow your passions and pursue your aspirations. Give yourself two weeks of a meditation practice holding yourself accountable for meditating twice a day for at least fifteen minutes. After you two weeks you'll be surprised how much of a priority meditation starts to become. 

Happy meditating!