Three Resources I Used To Become A Digital Nomad

Yes, I have a college degree.


No, I have not used any of the “skills” that I learned after the moment that I walked across the stage.


My college experience taught me how to perfectly flip a red solo cup on one try, exactly how much coffee I needed to pull an all nighter, that chicken tenders can be eaten for breakfast and that angels are disguised as teachers who scale grades.


What it failed to teach me was that artificial intelligence is going to take away some of the jobs that my friends and I just paid $100,000 to be able to have, how to file my income taxes, what to expect when I buy a house and most importantly how to find my passion.


Six months after graduating college I realized that I was not equipped for the real world. I felt like I didn’t know ANYTHING. What did I want to do with my life? Who did I want to become? 


This feeling of being dazed and confused led me to the resources that I ended up using to launch my career as a content writer and social media consultant. 


Sitting on Instagram for hours a day led me to find a guy by the name of Gary Vaynerchuck.


He talked a lot about digital marketing and where social media was heading and suddenly I was hooked. I specifically remember a video on his Youtube channel where he showed himself predicting the future of Snapchat years before it became such a sensation. He talked about how it was going to be one of the biggest social media apps and how advertisers were going to flock over there. My snapchat was currently one of my most used apps and the advertisements were starting to take over. This guy knew what he was talking about.


I started to watch more and more of his videos and in hindsight I can see the massive shift of information that I started to input into my mind.


Gary Vee led me to other entrepreneurial Instagram accounts, Youtube channels and podcasts and suddenly it dawned on me.


Thanks to the Internet, education is now free.


It was without question that I could learn everything that I needed to know to work full time online and not spend one dime.


I did just that.


It’s been one year since I stumbled upon Gary Vee. Six months ago I quit my job as a waitress and went full time digital nomad. One month ago I sold everything I owned and started permanently traveling around the world, working from coffee shops all over the globe.


Here are my top resources for aspiring digital nomads:

Gary Vaynerchuk Youtube

    I consider this the first step. Gary gives you A LOT of free information that can become crucial stepping stones for your digital success. He talks a lot about where the industry is heading which is invaluable when thinking about how to create your online freelance business to be as long term as possible. For me, Gary was a massive catalyst to get the ball rolling but I realized quickly that I was outgrowing his content and it was time for something more…

    You’ll learn:

        How to create successful content

        Branding tips

        Industry news

        How to use each social app efficiently for its specific purpose    


The Hustle Sold Separately Podcast

    Cue my favorite podcast, to date. Ran by two digital masters, Case Kenny and Matt Gottesman, the golden nuggets of information that I have discovered from listening to them interview entrepreneurs across all industries has increased my success ten fold. Hearing first hand the story of people who have sold their businesses for multimillions, the lessons learned from those who have built empires out of nothing and the tips and tricks entrepreneurs have for reaching success is never going to get old. One year ago I started listening to this podcast while I was a waitress with NO idea how to make my goals reality-now I am a digital nomad who permanently travels the world, working from coffee shops around the globe. Do you need more proof?

        You’ll learn:

        How to start a business from scratch

        How to niche down

        How to take your business model from low profits to maximum profits


The School Of Greatness Podcast-Lewis Howes

    Here is where you are going to get into the minds of successful entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, authors and they are going to tell you word for word the perspectives, insights and habits that they have used to get to where they are. They’re going to tell you their story and you are going to take every mistake that they have learned and act as if you already learned it too-I’m talking business mistakes and mindset limitations. Without these hinderances you can accelerate faster to your goals than your idols were able to.

    You’ll learn:

        The foundations of success

        The tools that entrepreneurs use to overcome struggle and make millions of dollars off of their passions

        Step by step guides on how people became New York Times Best Selling Authors, grew audiences of +1 million followers, created billion dollar industries, landed their own TV shows, etc.


I've gotten to sit in a room with Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban and Sarah Blakely and listen to them tell me exactly how they became successful and it cost me nothing.


Take advantage of the Internet. It is a massive space of free education, advice and connections to some of the most successful people on the planet. 


Put your brain on a diet and start to only input productive, positive and useful information so that in less than a year from now you can officially call yourself a professional digital nomad.

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