Big Things Are Coming!

Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession.
— Gabrielle Bernstein

I thought I was all in on following your heart and listening to your intuition but I honestly feel like I'm hitting a new level.

I wanted to blog this so I had proof when it happens that I could feel it coming.

Something big is headed my way.

I can feel it within me that I really won't be waitressing for much longer, maybe weeks at most. AND I'M PUMPED. 

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do it just yet but I know it's coming and that it's just around the corner. 

I feel so disconnected from my waitressing job, like it's a thing of my past that has taught me everything that I needed to know and now it's time for me to move on.

The only trick is that I feel slightly picky about what new job I pick up.

I have requirements because-well it's time to be my most productive and effective self. So my job requirements are to be getting paid to do something that I'm already doing with my blog so that I stop wasting large chunks of time doing things that aren't furthering me. 

So what does this mean?

I'm looking to do something that I can directly correlate to growing my blog and social media platforms. Now that I have experience doing both, I feel confident in my ability to do it elsewhere. 

This is where the magic happens.

This is where I think any blogger or entrepreneur becomes an official blogger and/or entrepreneur.

When you have been following your dreams with such focus that there is nothing else but for the world to hand you what you have been asking for. 

When there is only one option and that is for you to continue down the path that you are creating so well for yourself. 

While I patiently wait (not to be confused with doing nothing-I'm still spending about 2-3 hours on my blog and freelancing on days I work and at least 4-6 on days that I don't) for whatever is coming my way to arrive I want to make sure I'm doing a few things:

  • Staying true to who I envision myself to be when I have everything that I have ever wanted. You know that "you" that you look at in the future that you're like I can't wait to be her/him. The future you that is put together, is living their passions, and being the person that you know you are destined to be. Well I am that person now-even though I haven't completed the goal of reaching my dreams yet. Even though I can't afford to buy a house and even though I'm still waitressing to pay my bills. I have found that the more that I connect myself with this future me that I so desire to be, the faster I am become her both within me (with my priorities and perspectives) and in real life (with incoming jobs and opportunities).

  • Doing things that make me happy every single day. For me that's blogging, creating social media posts, and driving traffic to my blog. It's eating healthy meals, working out, and spending time with friends. It's talking to my family back home, reading new books, and and listening to cool podcasts. Every single damn day.

  • Keeping my goals small. Huh? Yes, I have huge big time goals of being a New York Times Best Selling Author (I told you they were big), having a seriously successful blog, meeting some of the big names in my industry, creating a positive and passionate platform for those on their journey to epic lives and lifestyles, traveling the world, etc. etc. BUT, if I only focus on those goals it's going to seem like I'm going snail pace to get there. I have to set small goals of: getting 5 or more Instagram followers per day, of using different platforms to help people find my blog, traveling to a next door state, reading good books, etc. Tiny goals that will accumulate to my eventual successful career. 

These are all things that I have been doing for quite sometime now and let me tell you they are so beyond effective than you couldn't PAY ME to stop doing them. It's honestly an addiction because once I realized how productive, efficient, and happy all of these things made me I know for a damn fact that I am never going back to not living my life in this way.

So there we have it. It's written in Internet stone.