As Long As You Try You Will Succeed-Advice From An Online Writer

I had great parents.

As a kid my parents always told me that as long as I tried, I could do whatever it is that I put my mind to.

61 days ago I was a waitress at a dive bar in Nashville, TN.

Unsurprisingly, this wasn’t my end goal.

I wanted to be a blogger and I wanted to help people find their passion and show them that living the life of their dreams was a possibility.

I also wanted to be financially stable.

By picking up shifts waitressing I was able to grow my bank account and get closer to the financially stability that I had always craved. 


One day, I had an epiphany.


I was trying to be financially stable by picking up extra shifts on the weekends. That’s what I had been taught, if I try then I will succeed and I was succeeding.

Yet at the same time, by picking up those shifts I was having the biggest failure of my life.


What I was really doing was making myself reliant on a job that I didn’t want anymore.


I realized that if I continued to try to become financially stable by picking up waitressing shift after waitressing shift, I was going to trap myself in an industry that I didn’t want to be in. 


I decided to cut my wings and force myself to find money doing things that would make me feel fulfilled.


I followed my instincts and by talking to people about what it was that I wanted to do, I was able to get myself a job as a social media manager. 


That job pays me $300 a week and I’m currently on the search for another influencer or company that is looking to grow their Instagram presence. 


Notice the difference between then and now? Back then I would have said, “I’ll make the $300 a week and for the rest of my finances I’ll waitress since I know that it will make me money.”


Now I say, “I’ll start with this $300 a week job and I’ll get another job like this one so that I can make more.”


This is where we can compare and contrast the two types of “trying.”


In the past, I was certainly “trying” to grow my bank account but I was doing it in a way that had no means to an end. I could grow my checking account for the next 50 years like this but where would it get me? In what way would I be benefited?


In the present, I am trying to grow my bank account by adding jobs that I WANT to do. If I do this for the next 50 years, I can safely assume that I will become a master of my industry, I will meet like minded people, I will be able to raise my rates and make more per hour, and I will be happy.


There’s a pit of trying that we so easily fall into. We know we ARE trying but we don’t know that we are trying in all the wrong ways. Accidentally, we dig ourselves into a hole that only becomes harder and harder to get out of as time goes on.


My parents taught me that I had to try, but through this experience I’ve taught myself that I have to try in the right way. That is what will make all the difference.


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