What Guarantees Success In Life?

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Imagine you were about to buy this house to make it your home for the next thirty years.

Since you are a responsible adult, you have an inspector come by to take a professional look at the house and make sure that you’re not going to come across major problems in the future.

He looks at the second floor and everything looks great. First floor, perfect. Then he goes into the basement.

He takes one 360 degree look around, turns to you and says, “Don’t do it.”

“The first and second floor are in pristine condition but they are going to crumble away because this foundation won’t last another a year.”

This is how you guarantee success in life.

When I was twenty years old I had an epiphany.

As much as I wish that my thousands of dollars a year college education had taught me it, I just stumbled upon the realization one day while reading a pretty life changing book: The Inside Out Revolution.

I understood that in order for me to be happy in my thirties, forties, fifties and older ages I needed to start working on that future happiness now.

That meant I had to figure out:

  1. What career path would fulfill me and my bank account
  2. Which priorities and values we’re pertinent to my happiness
  3. Who could make me happy long term
  4. How I ticked

Consider these the four walls of my foundation.

At 25 years old, I have spent the last five years making sure that I am doing my best to build my future life (and metaphorical home) brick by brick. I am taking my time and placing each new brick with care so that as they stack on top of each other they are nice and sturdy.

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My goal is to build a foundation that can weather any storm.

What will guarantee your success in life?

Building a strong foundation today.

You don’t build a house from the top down. You start with the absolute lowest point and build on top of it. You don’t rush. You don’t hire the cheap guys to help you out.

Your success tomorrow is tied to your actions today. Focus your days on building those four walls to the best of your ability and one day you will be standing on the roof top balcony of the home of your dreams.

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Picture via Instagram: Building Wall #2: My priority is to travel the world, meet new people and open my mindset. This was a new friend I made a few weeks ago while on a Coffee Tour in Boquete, Panama.