These Are The Pros And Cons Of Being A Digital Nomad

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Picture via Instagram: Exploring Berlin, Germany yesterday.

Pro: Having the choice to go wherever, whenever you want.

Con: Having the choice to go wherever, whenever you want.

To somebody who works a 9–5 job, this con might not seem like something that would fall under this negative ‘con’ category.

To an insider digital nomad, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I watched this video yesterday and was struck by these words:

If we have too few choices, we are unhappy.

If we have too many choices, we are also unhappy.

I am living this strange paradox.

Two weeks ago I landed in Europe. I had no plan besides that I was going to stay for the first few days at my friend’s apartment. Four days later it was time for me to leave and I literally had no idea where I should go.

The amount of choices that I had were overwhelming and in the strangest way possible made me feel suffocated.

I stumbled around for a few days, making my way to Amsterdam and then to Hamburg before I realized that I needed a plan.

I sat down, pulled up a European map on my phone and started to create a route.

I figured out my next few destinations and the general gist of the travels I could accomplish within my 90 day visa.

The weight that had been suffocating me was instantly gone.

Having a loose plan changed everything. I was no longer floating around aimlessly, I had a goal and I felt good about it.

The pro of being a digital nomad is that I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want. The con of being a digital nomad is that this has the dangerous potential to genuinely make you go crazy.

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