How To Become The Person You Want To Be

Get out a pen and paper.

Think to yourself, “Who is the person that I want to embody/change into?”

Write down the top five qualities that they have that you want.

Like this:

The person I want to be is:

  1. An expert in their industry
  2. Generous
  3. Hardworking
  4. A loving partner/significant other/spouse/etc.
  5. Great son/daughter

Now create another list involving one action you can take today to embody these characteristics.

Today I can:

  1. Read five articles on trending topics in my industry
  2. Tip my barista or cab driver an extra few dollars, donate $5 to hurricane relief/charity of my choice, etc.
  3. Shut my phone off for two hours during work hours to maintain focus
  4. Text my partner and tell them how much I appreciate them, bring them home dinner, do an errand for them, etc.
  5. Text my Mom and/or Dad and ask how their day is going

Notice that none of these actions are labor intensive or time consuming.

Making this list didn’t take you an hour and it didn’t fry your brain.

You can create this list everyday and change out the qualities that you want to embody.

For example, tomorrow you might write down:

  1. An expert in their industry
  2. In good physical shape
  3. Hardworking
  4. An awesome colleague
  5. Great son/daughter

In a week you will have performed 35 actions that make you the exact person that you want to be.

In two weeks, that is 70 actions.

In one month, that is 140 actions.

In three months, that is 420 actions.

Who do you think you will be in six months?

You will be the person you physically and mentally wanted to be six months ago.

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