So You Want To Be An Online Writer?

Eight months ago I read this article and one sentence in it stuck out to me so much that 240 days later I’m still living by it.

In the last two months I have sold everything that I own and started solo backpacking the world. My adventures have lead me to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and as I write this I am in Panama at the only castle in Central America (life is pretty epic right now).

In these past few weeks, my writing has gone up ten fold.

I have written more articles in eight weeks than I did in all of 2016.

Better yet, my writing is getting pretty damn good.

What has changed?

It’s not just my writing that has increased ten fold, my life experiences have too.

I’ve created a lifestyle for myself that involves meeting new people everyday, taking public transport by myself in foreign countries twice a week (at least), consistently living out of my comfort zone and finding the balance between work and play living amidst other travelers.

Recently I remembered the article that I read eight months ago and that one specific sentence that had stuck out to me.

“To accrue life experiences, you have to travel, network, be uncomfortable, learn and inform, be open, and fail.”

This is exactly my life right now.

And this is exactly why I have become a good writer.

The best exercise that you can perform to become a better writer is to get out there and live.

When you live, you not only have a story to tell but a lesson to share.

You create experiences for yourself that others relate to.

Better yet, you find your writing voice.

My advice to you is:

  1. Start making epic experiences for yourself
  2. Write about it every single day

At the end of each day, sit down and write something. Answer a question on Quora, write your own blog post or post a solid Instagram caption. Anything that takes your life experiences from that day and brings them into a digital light.

Get down in the dirt of life and stop being afraid to get muddy. Pull yourself out and then tell people about your experience while you are still covered in filth.

This is where great writers are born.

If you’re interested, here is how I landed this digital nomad gig.

Picture via Instagram   : Office views from the castle.

Picture via Instagram: Office views from the castle.