How To Find Your First Online Job As A Digital Nomad

I was lucky.


I stepped into the digital nomad space in 2016, what feels like seconds before it blew up and became a global trending topic.


At the time I was able to create an Upwork profile and launch my career, while having no idea that I had just taken the most important step towards reaching my dreams. Read my step to step guide on how to become a digital nomad here.


Content creators and social media consultants are now having trouble creating profiles on these big freelance websites because the market is oversaturated.


No, let me rephrase.


We think the market is oversaturated.


It has never been easier for a newbie online freelancer to land themselves their first paid job.


Here’s why:


Freelancers have become valued. Big companies are bringing in online professionals to complete tens of thousands of dollar projects.


What happens when big companies take a certain action?


Smaller companies follow suit.


These smaller companies run by entrepreneurs have tiny budgets for marketing, social media, web design/coding, copywriting, etc yet this work is vital to their business.


Start ups are your target clientele because they are willing to hire less experienced freelancers since they can’t afford the big dogs. This means that paying you $10 for a blog post is a low risk move that they are willing to take on a new freelancer.


Here’s the deal:


My biggest tip to digital nomads beginning their career is to pick up ANY JOB no matter how little it pays.


Yes you heard me right. Bite the bullet for THREE projects in your desired field. Get paid $10.00/hour for thirty hours of work. 


What’s going to come from these three projects is something that you need in order to succeed.


Your resume.


These small projects will be your proof that you are an asset to your clients and will accelerate your online career faster than pretty much anything else you try.


I want to reiterate the importance of only picking up PROJECTS. Do not start off by picking up a three month long job that you know isn’t going to pay your bills. Pick up small projects that you can complete in a week so that you can grow your resume as quickly as possible and get all of the grunt work over with.


Where do you find these short term start up projects?


Facebook groups.


It’s time to do you homework. Once you’ve decided what kind (or kinds) of online work you want to do start looking for Facebook groups targeted for that market and groups designed for the overall online work niche.


For example, there is a 6,400 person facebook group called Bucketlist Bombshell Tribe that is a space for online female entrepreneurs/creators to ask questions, get opinions and find freelancers to complete projects.


When you go into group like this and say something like:


“I’m looking to grow my portfolio in web design and would love to give three people a free website revamp in return for an awesome review!”

Not ready to pick up your first project? Here are my top three resources for newbie online freelancers ready to master their craft.


You become the center of attention. Remember the seagulls in Finding Nemo? “Mine! Mine! Mine!” Those seagulls are all going to come after you.


Start ups thrive off of projects like these that allow them to grow their brand where there wasn’t a budget for it.


Remember: The market is not oversaturated, the freelance websites are.


If you change your approach, you can get more work than you would have ever gotten with your freelance account!


Find resources that can accelerate your career and inspire you to keep moving.


In summary:

  1. Decide your focus (or focuses)
  2. Find where your target clientele is
  3. Offer free/super cheap work for SHORT TERM PROJECTS
  4. Revamp your resume


…and welcome to the digital working world.