Change Is Hard-This Makes It Easier

“Why are you only thinking about the cherry pie?”


Suddenly everything made sense.


To fully understand why I am so impressed by cherry pie right now, you have to know that I just came back from backpacking through Costa Rica and Nicaragua for 30 days.


Here is a short timeline of my past month:


  1. Arrive in Costa Rica
  2. Meet fellow solo travelers and create the most epic travel family ever.
  3. Bounce around beach towns and cities exploring and drinking WAY too much Flor de Cana rum.
  4. Realize that my month with my new friends is coming to a close.
  5. Spend my last day in a hostel by myself (as my friends had to go separate ways) and think about how this incredible life experience has just come to an end.


Allow me to show you how backpacking through Central America leads you to have an insurmountable respect for cherry pie…and all of the pies for that matter.


As I was sitting talking to my Mom about my trip and what an epic adventure it turned into, it was pretty obvious that I was hurting badly that the experience was over. This was my first solo backpacking trip and I have to say my expectations were beyond exceeded. I did things I never thought that I would do (like climbing two active volcanos), saw things I never thought I’d lay my eyes on (the most STUNNING beaches you have ever seen) and made friends with strangers just as I had in my first year of college.


When I parted ways with my new travel friends and realized that my time in Nicaragua and Costa Rica was up, I felt like something was being TAKEN AWAY from me. As if I had had the chance to fall in love with life and now all of that positive energy was being vacuumed out of my life faster than I could stop it.


Then came the cherry pie.


When I was younger my Mom used to tell me about how nervous she was when she was pregnant with me that she wouldn’t have enough love for my sister and for me. Her fear was that she had already hit her maximum capacity of love for my sister and that she could not imagine having room for any more love for me.


The day that I was born, she realized that in fact she was right. She had hit the ceiling on the amount of love that she could have and in fact the ceiling wasn’t getting any higher.


But in fact, something had changed. She had a huge love for a different flavor of pie.


My mom always told me, as soon as she saw me she realized that she had TWO loves, not just one. My sister was her cherry pie and now I was her blueberry pie. There was no competing love and there was always space to add more pies. 


“Why are you only thinking about the cherry pie?”was the awakening I needed to realize that I had been looking at this situation in the completely wrong light.


My focus was on my lack of cherry pie, the fact that this particular travel experience had come to a close and had a slim chance of opening up again.


In reality, my focus needed to be on the excitement of trying out a brand new flavor of pie. Will my next experience bring me an apple pie, a rhubarb pie, a pumpkin pie?


As experiences come and leave us, this perspective is what can ease the sting of change and ensure we have an open outlook on the potential of our next adventure.


I’ll always have a love for cherry pie and as my first travel experience it may stay as one of my favorite flavors but now I understand the importance of staying open to new experiences and always keeping a fork handy.