I Quit My Job To Become A Blogger And I Already Know Why I’ll Be Successful

For a second I was actually…scared. I didn’t think that making this big leap from a job that pays the bills to a job that fulfills my life would be scary.

I thought it was going to be fun and easy. I knew that opportunities were going to be knocking on my doorstep.

Yet, somewhere along this past week and a half something changed.

I’ve spent the last few days feeling kind of lost, really confused, and in a serious funk.

Did I quit waitressing too soon? Do I really know what I’m doing? 


I actually spent all of yesterday in bed, questioning every facet of my life. Do I really want to travel all by myself for a year? Do I really think I can pull this off and become a fulltime writer, blogger, and content curator?

When I originally set the date for my last day in “the office” I knew everything was falling into place and that date was the perfect time for me to enter this new chapter in my life.

I had no doubt in my mind. I was confident in myself and my abilities.


So what changed?


We’re going to get psychological here. As you’re about to see I pride myself on being able to do some serious self reflection.

I’ve read tremendous books that have awakened this ability within me. These books all taught me one massive lesson.

It’s all in your head.

These doubts I was having were specifically linked to my thoughts.

Why hadn’t I had these doubts before? Simple, because I wasn't thinking doubtful thoughts. My mind physically didn’t have any of this negative energy in it and so I was strickly on the positivity train.

I felt good about quitting my job and being temporarily unemployed. Honesty, I felt damn good.

Had anything actually changed from when I was thinking things were going to turn out great to when I was thinking I might fail at this?


My savings account still has the same amount of money in it. My blog is doing great. My social pages are also doing well.

The only difference between then and now was my thoughts on the situation.


Nothing in my actual reality had changed-it was only my thoughts on my reality that had changed and were making me feel like I wasn’t doing the right thing.

Talk abobut an epiphany. What did I do next? I spent my entire shower saying out loud “I make $1,000 a week writing, blogging, and creating content.”

This is how I know I’ll succeed. Once I stop the negative self doubting thoughts there is only one other choice. The choice and the decision that I made today was to only have uplifting, powerful thoughts that will FEED my ambitions and not disintegrate them.

It’s as if someone is letting you choose between two glasses of water. One has crystal clear water in it and the other has brownish-yellowish water in it. Which are you going to choose to drink from?

This is what just happened to me. I was choosing to drink the dirty water and then was appalled that I wasn’t feeling as great I was when I was drinking the crystal clear water.


Make it so when you’re in a funk you can get yourself out of it within hours not days, months or even years. Master your mind today so that you can be in control of your life tomorrow.