How To Find Your Passion in 2018


I travel the world and live out of a backpack. In four months I've visited 10 countries. I am passionate about content and marketing and as an online writer and content creator-I love what I do.

At 25 years old, how did I get myself here?

I found my passion by making an obligation to myself to do something that I love, every single day.

When I started this daily habit my “something I love to do” would be simple tasks like getting a good work out in, drinking a smoothie in the morning, having a big salad for lunch, hanging out with friends, etc. None of these things necessarily seemed like they were going to get me anywhere but I obligated myself to make sure that I stood by it.

A few weeks into this daily practice and these trivial “things” were now habits. That meant that I was already going to do these things in my day-I had to start getting more creative.

What was one thing that I would love to do today?


I got out my computer, opened a word document and started writing for myself. I wrote about my thoughts, life lessons and everything that flowed out of me.

After a week of that I realized how ridiculous it was that I was keeping all of these thoughts to myself. There had to be somebody out there who could relate and I could somehow help by going through these life lessons.

I bought a domain and hosting service and created this blog..

A few weeks after that I realized that if I wanted to get anywhere in the blogging world I needed to market myself. I would need social media handles and to persevere creating my personal brand.

I opened up an Instagram account, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

The premises of my brand is proving to millennials that they can follow their passions and create a successful life.

Six months after starting my blog and I am a full time traveler.

I work remotely online as a content writer and live around the globe. Right now I am in Split, Croatia.

If I were sitting here, working as a VA for a technical company that needed me to do massive logistical tasks, I wouldn’t be happy. I’m a naturally creative person and the logistical aspect of another person’s business does nothing for me.

Despite living in European paradise and being able to pick up and leave to wherever I want whenever I want, I still wouldn’t be happy because I wouldn’t be spending my time as I desire.

Because I took the time to figure out my passion for writing and content creation, I am able to travel the world and be psyched about the days that I get to sit and work. I love writing, taking content pictures and creating daily videos of my life.

I’ve been traveling consistently for four months now and haven’t had much time to hunker down and work. I just rented an Airbnb for three weeks because I missed it too much.

I love what I do so much that I wanted to sit for three weeks and just work-and you can too.

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