I’m Using These 3 Instagram Accounts To Help Grow My Personal Brand

There’s not much traction when you first start a personal brand if you’re a newbie to the community.

For awhile it felt like I was left in the Sahara desert of the personal brand space, with absolutely nobody around me to help me or guide me along the way.

My Instagram and twitter following is growing at the rate that a sloth climbs a tree and I feel like there is always something that I should be doing to help escort this sloth up the tree at least a little faster.

It turns out that even in the Sahara-signs can find you.

As I’ve continued to not lose hope or sight of why I started in the first place I’ve realized that resources seem to be showing up at my doorstep.


I’ve found online influencers who are laying out the ground work for people just like me.

For example, have you heard of Jules Marcoux? He’s an insanely talented marketer who is marketing his personal brand to his online audience by telling us how he is marketing his personal brand to his online audience.

Read that again and make sure you fully understand it.

That’s pretty epic and downright damn cool if you ask me. I’ve read both of his books and can tell you right now that without question they have been the biggest help for this newbie to get a grasp of the social media marketing world and how best to utilize it for my own means.

Less intense but just as useful the Ikonn’s are doing the exact same thing with their personal brands and consumer brands.

If you scroll through their Youtube videos (Mimi Ikonn and Alex Ikonn) you’ll find videos laying out the frame work for exactly how they created their online success and are legitamately living the dream (they’re in Cape Town, South Africa right now on vacation). They not only talk online tips (how to edit your Instagram photos, q&a’s about business, the mentality that will bring you success) but they’re also a massive inspiration on a beautiful way to live your life and to tend to the relationships around you.

I suggest following both Mimi and Alex on their social accounts. To this day, Alex’s words in this video have been on repeat in my head as I build my own brand. As they sell millions of products yearly, Alex says something along the lines of: “We never actually ask you to buy anything.”

I’m trying to remind myself of this daily as I create new content for all of my social media platforms. I don’t want to necessarily ask people to follow me I want them to want to follow me.

That is the where the power lies in personal branding.

As a personal brand we are essentially creating ourselves as a product so we have to look at our content as a sales pitch.


To me this means that I’m constantly making sure that I’m growing my brand to be exactly what I want it to be and not getting lost in the chaos of constant posts and creation.


It means that I’m always looking for new insights and perspectives on how to market myself and my content to be useful to my consumers and to myself.


Are there any social media accounts that have resonated well with you and helped you get a better grasp on how this whole personal brand thing really works? I would also really like to know what I should be feeding my sloth so that it can climb that tree way damn faster!


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